Rosie's [Mini] Review of Green MAGnitude

  1. Rosie's [Mini] Review of Green MAGnitude

    What is it?

    * Improve strength
    * Boost energy
    * Improve stamina
    * Improve performance
    * Greater protein synthesis

    For write-up see The Official AnabolicMinds Supplement Store.

    Taste: 10/10. Sour green apple. The best tasting supplement I have EVER had!

    Solubility: 9.5/10. As soon as it hit the water the powder dissolved. One quick stir, and I drank it. There was only a minute portion left on the bottom of my shaker at the finish.

    Strength: 7/10. The focus of this session was NOT on strength. However, comparing this session to the last high rep session that I did (22 days ago), the weights that I used for this session were slightly higher (but the first set was only 40 reps, as opposed to the 50 reps that it was last time).

    Energy: 5/10. I had the energy to get through my session, yes. However, most of my energy to get through I attribute predominantly to RPM.

    Endurance: 9/10. The session that I did was only 40 minutes, but it was intense, using only 1 minute rests between 40 and 20 rep sets.

    Performance: 7/10. I have just had 12 days off resistance training, and my first two sessions back are Full-Body done as a) 4 sets of 4 x trisets with 1 minute recovery, and b) 2 x 40, 20 for each body-part/exercise with 1 minute recovery. Considering yesterday's session, today was actually ok.

    Protein Synthesis: After only one serving, this is not applicable. For noticeable effects in muscle growth, a longer period of time would be needed to assess this; and diet and recovery would also have to be done to optimize it.

    Overall: 7.5/10. Green MAGnitude is a creatine product. You cannot expect to 'see' results from only ONE serving.

    Would I use it again? Maybe. If there were no other more effective products (i.e. NeoVar Recomped or Cre-02) available, or I had run out of creatine and had some lying around.

    Would I recommend? I only used one serving. It was not enough to notice any real difference in anything; and I would only be able to say whether or not I would recommend Green MAGnitude if I had used it for a longer period.

    This review is also available in my log (post #480) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: Restoring Rosie: AN calls in the full cavalry (and a few extras).

  2. Very good review! Detailed, thorough and honest. Thank you Rosie!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Very good review! Detailed, thorough and honest. Thank you Rosie!
    Thanks. I'm always objective. One sample really wasn't enough to notice anything, though (as I mentioned). No worries

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