• Workout Finishers - V-Shape Torso

      By Chad Howse, ACE-CPT Men's Fitness

      Every guys wants the V-shaped torso because it creates the illusion of being larger than you actually are and makes your waist and stomach appear thinner than it actually is. The focus of this finisher will be on the back (lats and traps), as well as shoulders which make up the V-build. Add this on to your regular back and/or shoulder routine and you'll be well on your way to a broader upper body.
      Rules and Protocol

      >> Perform each of the following exercises in consecutive order.
      >> Every exercise is to be done with a barbell.
      >> Each exercise is to be done for 6 reps.
      >> Repeat the set 3x
      Finisher 24s

      Exercise One: Upright Row (close grip)
      Exercise Two: Military Press
      Exercise Three: Snatch
      Exercise Four: Snatch Grip Bent-over Row

      a) Perform each concentric aspect of the exercise as fast as possible.
      b) Use a 3 second count on the eccentric phase (returning back to the start position) of each exercise.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...ting-a-v-torso
      Comments 4 Comments
      1. hugry4more's Avatar
        hugry4more -
        Going to try this. Looks like a massive pump awaits... ;)
      1. wingzors's Avatar
        wingzors -
        How would you figure the weight? Just the barbell only?
      1. Swordfish II's Avatar
        Swordfish II -
        lol... just the barbell only... son you have a long way to go.

        I am surprised Pendlay Rows and weighted pullups aren't in here.
      1. ka0tik's Avatar
        ka0tik -
        Originally Posted by wingzors View Post
        How would you figure the weight? Just the barbell only?
        Probably as much as you can muster for the given set protocol. Hopefully your lifting more weight but I wouldn't be surprised to see people burning out with just the barbell.
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