• Workout Finishers - Giant Chest Set

      By Mike Simone Men's Fitness

      Your chest workout could have been one of your most hardcore yet, but sometimes you've still got some gas left in the tank. So next time you're headed to the locker room, or prepping that post workout shake, turn yourself around and try this giant set. The goal is to here is to laugh in the face of fatigue and demolish any remaining muscle fibers by attacking the chest from nearly every angle for one round of five exercises. Oh, and resting is not an option.

      The Giant Set Chest Finisher Protocol

      >> Exercise One - Flat Dumbbell Bench Press x 12-15 reps
      >> Exercise Two - Incline Dumbbell Press x 12-15 reps
      >> Exercise Three - Dips (complete repetitions to failure)
      >> Exercise Four - Push Ups (complete repetitions to failure)
      >> Exercise Five - Flat Dumbbell Flyes x 20 reps
      Rules & Tips

      a. There's no rest in between exercises
      b. Select a weight significantly lighter than you're used to. (this workout is high reps, high intensity and is geared to completely burn you out.)
      c. If you cannot reach the reps above, rest 3-5 seconds and continue OR drop the weight by 5-10 lbs. and continue.
      d. When completed, pound that post workout shake, load up on water and hit the sack because it's time to grow.
      Looking for a full chest workout? Give the 15-Minute Chest Workout or 30-Minute Chest Workout's a shot.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...-set-for-chest
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      1. uvawahoowa's Avatar
        uvawahoowa -
        Wouldn't it make more sense to do incline before flat bench as you'll be able to handle a heavier weight on flat?
      1. pasamoto's Avatar
        pasamoto -
        i dont think the point is to lift heavy here. its to fatigue a high percentage of muscle fibers. thus the multiple angles. prob wouldnt realy matter what order you did the first to two exercises in.
      1. mzdanows's Avatar
        mzdanows -
      1. HardCore1's Avatar
        HardCore1 -
        This works really great too using heavy weight! Just change to Weighted dips and your good to go.
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