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    • Workout Finishers For Everything

      By Men's Fitness Editors

      Workout finishers have two-fold benefits, the first is that they tap into and fatique muscle fibers that might have been left undertrained during a workout session. And secondly, they're a lot of fun to do. Excessive blood flows into to your muscles and throughout your body, your drenched in sweat and slightly winded - the signs of a successful finisher. If you're itching for that pumped-up feeling, here's one solid finisher for each body part.

      CHEST >>

      The Stretch and Press Chest Finisher

      Move One: High Cable Flye, 15 reps
      Move Two: Low Cable Flye, 15 reps
      Move Three: 135lb Barbell Bench Press [load barbell with one-25 lb. plate and two-10lb. plates] rep out to failure and strip the first pair 10s off, rep to failure, then strip the second pair of 10s off.
      Move Four: Push Ups, rep to failure
      Rest: 2 minutes
      Repeat: 1-2 more sets
      - Mike Simone, Associate Editor, and owner of HUMANFITPROJECT.

      BACK >>

      The 5x5 Big-Back Drop Set Finisher

      Exercise: Seated Row

      Drop Set Goal: Every 5 reps you should be maxing out.
      Complete 5 reps
      > Drop weight by 10%
      Complete 5 reps
      > Drop weight by 10%
      Complete 5 reps
      > Drop weight by 10%
      Complete 5 reps
      > Drop weight by 10%
      Complete 5 reps
      > Drop weight by 10%

      >> Complete a full range of motion, pausing for a 1-2 second count at the top.
      >> Alternate grips every time you do this finisher. Use a T-Bar, a wide grip, and even a close supinated grip.
      >> You can use the exact set-up for a lat pulldown to finish a brutal back workout.
      - Chad Howse, ACE, CPT, owner of

      SHOULDERS >>

      The Boxer's Barbell Punch Finisher

      Set-up: For this finisher, all you need is a 45-pound barbell. Youíll add weight as you progress.
      Reps: 1 set of 50-100
      Tempo: Fast on both the concentric and eccentric contractions.

      > Standing upright, hold the barbell at your upper chest/collar bone area with your hands shoulder-width apart. Push the bar out horizontally with both hands as if youíre punching. When your arms are almost extended, snap the bar back to your upper chest and repeat. This is meant to be a very quick movement. Itís not a military press where youíre pressing the weight vertically; rather, youíre pushing the weight out so itís parallel to the floor.
      - Chad Howse, ACE, CPT, owner of

      LEGS >>

      2-Minute Leg Press Test

      "While this, and any other finisher, can be performed during total body or body-part split type training, this finisher is especially effective and challenging when thrown in at the end of a leg day. Remember, finishers do not (and really should not) be complicated. At this point in the workout, you just want something simple that you can grind through.

      > Set up a leg press machine with 70% of the weight you would use for 10 reps (so if you normally bang out 400lbs for 10, load up the leg press with 280lbs).
      > Set a timer for two minutes and try to bang out as many reps as possible in that amount of time. Try not to stop for rest and try not to completely lock out at the top, keeping tension on your legs the entire time."
      - Dan Trink, Director of Personal Training Operation at Peak Performance NYC and owner of TrinkFitness.

      BICEPS >>

      Partnered Alternating Dumbbell Curls

      "Using a partner, complete the following rep scheme, alternating with each set. Each partner completes every set and rests while the other guy is working.

      Set 1: 20 reps
      Set 2: 18 reps
      Set 3: 16 reps
      Set 4: 14 reps
      Set 5: 12 reps
      Set 6: 10 reps

      * If you don't have a partner, complete your set, then count to whatever the rep count is you just completed, and continue to the next set."
      - Chad Howse, ACE, CPT, owner of

      TRICEPS >>

      The 15/10/5 Dip Drop Set Finisher

      Complete 15 regular dips on bars
      Rest for 10 seconds
      Complete 15 bench dips
      Rest for 10 seconds
      Complete 10 regular dips on bars
      Rest for 10 seconds
      Complete 10 bench dips
      Rest for 10 seconds
      Complete 5 regular dips on bars
      Rest for 10 seconds.
      Complete 5 bench dips.
      Rest for 10 seconds.

      >> Repeat this pattern 1-3 times.
      - Dave Dreas ISSA, CPT

      ABS >>

      The Multi-Component Ab Finisher

      Perform 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps with no breaks.
      >> Flexion component: Weighted Rope Crunches
      >> Stretching component: Hanging Leg Lifts
      >> Rotational component: 45-degree Laying Windshield Wipers

      Weighted Rope Crunch
      Kneel in front of a high cable stack with a rope attachment. Hold the rope with your hands on either side of your head. Crunch forward while bringing your elbows toward your stomach.

      Hanging Leg Lift
      Grab a chin-up bar and hang your body off the ground. Without rocking or swinging, raise your straight legs as high as you can.

      45-degree Laying Windshield Wiper
      Lay on your back with your arms out to your sides. Bring your legs straight up until you have a 90-degree angle at your hips. With control sweep your legs from side to side, achieving a 45-degree angle with the floor.
      - Jon-Erik Kawamoto, C.S.C.S., owner of

      CARDIO >>

      The 3-2-1 Row Finisher

      "Too often the rowing machine sits in the corner of the gym collecting dust. Thatís unfortunate because it can be one of the most powerful conditioning tools on the cardio floor. Give the rower some much deserved love by completing this finisher (though you may not be feeling the love by the end of the workout)."

      > 500 meter row
      Rest 3 minutes
      > 300 meter row
      Rest 2 minutes
      > 200 meter row
      Rest 1 minute
      > 100 meter row
      - Dan Trink, Director of Personal Training Operation at Peak Performance NYC and owner of TrinkFitness.

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