• Workout Finishers - Down The Rack Biceps

      By Mike Simone Men's Fitness

      Anyone that's into working out completely understands the "holy sh*t" feeling when burning out a muscle group, even if it's a small muscle group like the biceps. Sure, this isn't an agonizing squat routine or an ego-busting CrossFit WOD, but this simple drop set protocol will leave your poor pea-shootin' biceps screaming for days.

      Wrap up your regular routine, post up at the dumbbell rack and prepare yourself for an all-out assualt on this muscle group.
      Down-the-Rack Bicep Burnout

      >> Opening Set - Alternating Dumbbell Curl - chose a weight you'd fail at 4-6 repetitions. [Example: 40 lb. dumbbell]
      >> Down-the-Rack Drop Set One - attempt to get 2-3 additional reps [Example: 35 lb. dumbbell]
      >> Down-the-Rack Drop Set Two - attempt to get 2-3 additional reps [Example: 30 lb. dumbbell]
      >> Down-the-Rack Drop Set Three - attempt to get 2-3 additional reps [Example: 25 lb. dumbbell]
      >> Final Down-the-Rack Drop Set - drop 10 lbs. and attempt to get 4-8 additional reps [Example: 15 lb. dumbbell]
      Rules & Tips

      a. There's no rest in between drops. The point of this protocol is to "walk down the rack".
      b. Your first set should be heavy.
      c. The following 2-3 sets should be dropped by approx. 5 lbs.
      d. The final drop set should be dropped by 10-15 lbs. and you should attempt to reach a higher rep range to maximize the finisher.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...bicep-burn-out
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      1. kohai66's Avatar
        kohai66 -
        Yeah baby talk about getting pumped... Good luck getting dressed, wiping your a**, or scratching any part of your body except the front of your leg afterwards....
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