• Ten Minute Arm Blast

      By Jon-Erik Kawamoto, M.Sc.Kin.(c), C.S.C.S., C.E.P.

      Second to the chest workout [see: Time Crunch Training: 15-Minute Chest Workout] here’s your probable next favorite: arms!

      This workout combines different curl and extension variations to challenge your muscles in slightly different ways - different training stimuli means more potential for more growth. Go through this circuit as many times as possible in 10-minutes. Focus on contracting your biceps or triceps as hard as possible at the peak contraction. On the biceps cheat curl, explode the barbell upward and lower slowly.

      10-Minute Time Crunch Training Arm Blow Out

      Biceps supinated curl: Biceps cheat curl
      >> 5-7 reps (zero rest)
      Biceps pronated curl: Biceps reverse curl with EZ curl bar
      >> 10-12 reps (zero rest)
      Biceps semi-pronated curl: Single arm hammer curl with band
      >> 15-20 reps (zero rest)
      Triceps compound extension: Dip (weighted if possible)
      >> 5-7 reps (zero rest) Triceps free-weight extension:
      Decline bench triceps extension
      >> 10-12 reps (zero rest)
      Triceps cable extension: High Cable Rope triceps extension
      >> 15-20 reps (zero rest)

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...e-arm-blow-out
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      1. hardknock's Avatar
        hardknock -
        Did this just this morning, great for pump...extremely intense. Probably not so great for strength over a short run. Helps with endurance of that area though. A few tweeks might help with strength.
      1. HardCore1's Avatar
        HardCore1 -
        Pump so intense I had to ask my wife to finish shaving my head!
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