• Starmark Laboratories wins patent lawsuit vs. Creative Compounds

      On June 24, 2011, in one of the longest running legal battles Iíve ever seen in the nutritional industry, Starmark Laboratories prevailed over Creative Compounds. The lawsuit involved the Starmark Laboratories patent on DiCreatine Malate, which was issued a single razor-thin month before the Creative Compounds patent was issued, although the patent seems to have been filed much further in advance of the discrepancy of issuance.

      You probably donít recognize Starmark Laboratories, but you will likely recognize the guy who owns it, Matt Boldt Ė the CEO of SAN Corp. And donít worry if you donít recognize the Creative Compounds name, because youíll almost certainly recognize the name of the guy behind it Ė Derick Cornelius, of S103 and Syntrax fame Ė the guy who filed the ill-fated and ill-advised lawsuit versus Bodybuilding.com and their members (and saw their BB.com sales drop like a rock, while simultaneously creating unprecedented online hostility towards their brand).

      So in the end, Starmark and Boldt has won the last battle in what has been a very lengthy war. Iíve attached the decision in full, so you can read it for yourself. Iím not a lawyer, so take a look and make your own decision Ė I looked it over and it seemed to be a solid decision based on great arguments from San/Starmark. SanCorp

      I will, however, note that some of what I read in the final judgment is completely and absurdly off base, with regards to the bioavailability of Creatine Monohydrate being poor. Bioavailability of creatine monohydrate is close to 100% (references: 1,2,3), and to be honest, the island of lost creatines is full of stuff that never worked as well as monohydrate (ethyl ester) or didnít produce a statistically significant improvement (pyruvate, citrate, etcÖ) over the original.
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      from Anthony Roberts Blog
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