• Soy For Bodybuilding

      by Jose Antonio, Ph.D. Iron Man Magazine

      Soy protein has been around since about the time Jesse Owens was kicking some major German ass in Berlin, at the í36 Olympic Games. Yes, indeed, a long time. When I think of soy, edamame comes to mind. Iím not really a heavy soy consumer, but then again, I donít drink milk either. That said, whatís the data on soy? It may not be as good as whey protein, but then again, what protein is?

      The data on soy is actually quite intriguing. Recently, scientists determined the influence of soy protein intake and weight training on resting energy expenditure in postmenopausal women. The 160-week study divided women into four groups: G1, soy protein plus exercise; G2, placebo plus exercise; G3, soy protein and no exercise; and G4, placebo and no exercise. The subjects got 25 grams of soy per day, and the exercisers performed a standard weight-training regimen.

      Significant increases in metabolic rateói.e., resting energy expenditureówere detected in G1 (158 kcal/day, 17 percent) and G2 (110 kcal/day, 9 percent), whereas a 4 percent decrease was detected in G4. Thus, soy protein coupled with weight training can further boost metabolism.1

      Another study compared soy vs. whey protein bars. Scientists measured lean body mass in men enrolled in a college weight-training class who were given soy or whey protein bars (33 grams of protein per day) for nine weeks. Both protein groups showed a gain in lean body mass, but the training-only group did not. Whatís interesting and rather odd is that the whey and training-only groups showed a potentially harmful posttraining effect on two antioxidant-related parameters, but the soy group did not. So in essence, both bars promoted a lean-body-mass gain, but the soy had the added antioxidant benefits.2

      In fact, another study found that soy protein, but not milk protein, supplementation improves the lipid profile of healthy adults.3 Furthermore, muscle protein synthesis was not different between casein, a milk protein and soy.4

      So the moral of the story is that soy can help build lean body mass and give you some health benefits to boot!

      Editorís note: Jose Antonio, Ph.D., is the CEO of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (www.theissn.org); also check out his site www.TheWeekendWorkout.com.

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      Source: http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/the-m...ng-joy-of-soy/
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      1. tmart57's Avatar
        tmart57 -
        What about it's estrogenic effects in men and the substantial increase in breast cancer risk for women who have had breast issues?
      1. monstermash's Avatar
        monstermash -
        Soy? No thanks.
      1. Chancho's Avatar
        Chancho -
        Yeah....what tmart57 said......
      1. v4lu3s's Avatar
        v4lu3s -
        When i turn into a post menopausal female i will definitely look into soy.
      1. aLinux's Avatar
        aLinux -
        I say its the meat and dairy who put out all the false studies on Soy. I'm for one majorly prone to Gyno (estrogen) ..if I even smell a natty test booster I bloat up like a pig...but Soy, I took the test, went nuts on it for last 4mths eating Edamame, Soybeans and lots of Soy Milk... I eat tons of it everyday now (i shud practically be woman) but within a month I noticed more vascularity and LESS gyno and after 4mths some new muscle gains. Make sure to use organic - non-gmo soy.
      1. aLinux's Avatar
        aLinux -
        Originally Posted by tmart57 View Post
        What about it's estrogenic effects in men and the substantial increase in breast cancer risk for women who have had breast issues?
        I say its bs ...its high in phytoestrogens but its beneficial and it isint natural estrogen, its allot weaker... so ur not goin to turn into a woman eating it.... They just want us to believe its bad... look at all the who people take flax oil and flax seeds everyday.... flax being 3x higher in phytoestrogrens than Soy... nobody complains... Flax don't pose a threat to meat and dairy industry...but if it did, I'm sure it would be high up the false/fake list of studies... You can go w/o Soy, wait 25 yrs until they finally come around and say its a 'super-food' but I enjoy the extra 50g of easy and cheap protein I'm getting from it everyday now :)
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