• Roundup Causes Breast Cancer Growth

      By Carl Lanore Super Human Radio

      A recent study shows that Monsanto's RoundUp - the herbicide at the center of the
      GMO discussion because its used almost exclusively on GM crops, causes human breast cancer cells to grow even in the absence of estrogen. This is also the herbicide that made the French Government request additional research be performed to evaluate its ability to cause massive tumor growth in transgenic rats used for cancer research.

      Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp shows an affinity for the estrogen receptor and stimulates human breast cancer cells to grow just like estrogen. This is NOT good news for women. The entire manuscript can be found here.

      Taken together with this recent study out of Germany showing that high levels of Glyphosate have been found in the urine of people all over Europe, this is quite scary. Spokesperson for Friends Of The Earth, Adrian Bebb said "Most people will be worried to discover they may have weed killer in their bodies. We tested people living in cities in 18 countries and found traces in every country. These results suggest we are being exposed to glyphosate in our everyday lives, yet we don't know where it is coming from, how widespread it is in the environment, or what it is doing to our health."

      One can extrapolate these two studies to indicate that breast cancer rates will continue to rise until we can get RounUp out of the environment.

      On another note... where is the Susan G. Komen organization on the eve of all of this news? Nowhere. They would never want to piss off Monsanto, a major sponsor of theirs.

      Source: http://www.superhumanradio.com/monsa...s-to-grow.html
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        Mr.Sinister -
        Didn't I just use a jug of the ****, too.
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        pmdied -
        Another quality product from Monsanto...
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        Always enjoy Carl's stuff

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