• Raspberry Ketones for Muscle Gains?

      From Ergo Log

      Overweight people who train a couple of times a week in the gym and follow a weight-loss diet will see better results if they add a supplement containing stimulants such as raspberry ketone, caffeine and capsaicin. According to a study done by the private American Center for Applied Health Sciences [appliedhealthsciences.org] they not only lose more fat but will also build up more lean body mass.

      The slimming supplement that the researchers tested is called Prograde Metabolism Metabo, and indeed, the researchers were paid by the maker, Ultimate Wellness System. The exact composition of the supplement is not known.

      The three main components of Metabo are raspberry ketone, caffeine and capsaicin, but other ingredients include L-theanine, chrome and B vitamins, as well as extracts of ginger, garlic and Citrus aurantium.

      The researchers got 45 slightly obese people (average BMI: 30) to train in a gym for an hour three times a week for a period of eight weeks. The subjects followed a diet that provided them with 500 kcal a day less than they were burning.

      Half of the subjects were given a placebo to take during the experiment. The other half were given 1 g Metabo to take at breakfast and another 1 g at lunch every day.

      At the end of the eight weeks, the members of the placebo group had lost just under a kilogram of body fat, but the members of the Metabo group had lost almost three kilograms of fat.

      The placebo group had gained 400g lean body mass, the Metabo group had gained almost two kilograms.

      Hmm. That substances like raspberry ketone, caffeine and capsaicin speed up fat mass loss is not so surprising. But that they also speed up the increase in lean body mass? We, the ever-sceptical compilers of this web magazine, are surprised and puzzled by this.

      J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2013 Apr 19;10(1):22.

      Source: http://www.ergo-log.com/weight-loss-...at-muscle.html
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