• Positions Of Flexion Variations

      by Steve Holman, Iron Man Magazine

      Q: Iíve been a fan of your logical Positions-of-Flexion mass training for years. It has transformed my physique. I wanted to share my variation, which has brought me new muscle mass and power over the past few months. On the big, midrange move for each muscle [like pulldowns for lats] I do 2-3◊5 (heavy low reps); on the stretch-position exercise [like pullovers] I do 2◊10; and on the contracted-position move [like stiff-arm pulldowns] I do 2◊20. I use a 3-way split, similar to yours at your X-Training Blog, so my workouts take an hour. Every so often Iíll do a 4X sequence on the contracted move (I love 4X too), going 4◊15 instead of 20s. Just thought Iíd share my triple-rep-range version of your great mass-building system, POF.

      A: Thatís an excellent way to use POF. There are a lot of variations. In fact, almost all of the X-Rep.com and X-Workouts.com e-books include a complete POF version as well as a basic oneófor example, The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout basic program uses only one ultimate exercise for most bodyparts, a power pyramid first, followed by a 4X sequence. For chest, itís decline presses:

      Decline presses
      (pyramid) 3 x 9, 7, 5-6
      (4X style) 4 x 10
      Thatís itóone exercise. Thereís also a complete POF Power-Density program. Hereís the chest workout from it:
      Midrange: Bench presses, 2 x 9, 7; 4 x 10
      Stretch: Incline flyes, 2 x 7-9
      Contracted: Cable crossovers (double drop), 1 x 10(7)(5)

      Thatís similar to what youíre doing in that you go heavy on bench presses, medium on the stretch move and then finish with a double drop on the contracted move, which is like high reps. However, notice that there is also a 4X sequence on the midrange move, bench presses, after the power work.

      I think itís important to use some type of density-oriented training on the big exercise because you involve so many more fibers. Itís the muscle-synergy concept. In your triple-rep-range version try a 3X or 4X sequence instead of the heavy sets at every other workout. Or simply add a higher-rep back-off setó15 to 20 reps, as Arnold used to doóafter your two heavies.

      Just a suggestion you can try to add even more more muscle size.

      Source: http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/pof-v...ass-and-power/
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