• Is An Online Personal Trainer Right For You?

      By Brandon Hahn Athletic Xtreme

      You have decided to take the plunge. Youíve sign up for a gym membership, but the trainer wants to charge $50 per hour. While it is worth it, you cannot afford $50 per hour, especially if you need a trainer a few times per week. Well, there goes getting that gym membership. Better luck next year, right? WRONG! Itís time to stop with all of the excuses, and start your transformation. Virtual training is spreading like wildfire, and itís time you try it out! Itís cost-effective and it works, but thatís not all.

      The benefits of online training definitely outweigh an in-person training session. This is not only due to cost, but with the added benefit that trainers can provide info through different means. Letís check out some of the key benefits to online training!


      This is the #1 benefit, and is important to be listed first. An in-person session can cost as little as $30 per hour to more than $100 per hour. If you had to pay that trainer day in and day out, youíd be broke fast. Online training ranges from as little as $9 per month to $30 per month. The savings is incredible, and averages out to less than 10% of the cost of having an in-person trainer.

      Ease of access

      A trainer requires scheduling. Your schedule needs to match theirs. This is often a difficult task to coordinate, especially on nearly a daily basis. An online trainer is already at your fingertips. Trainers can monitor your progress and offer feedback within minutes. This means that by the time you hit your next workout, youíve already gotten insight from your trainer. Trainers can also offer motivational tips and other comments via text or video.

      Knowledge base

      The internet is a vast knowledge base that allows both you and the trainer endless options to offer instruction. You may not know an exercise, but a simple video can help teach you the exercise within minutes. If need be you can pause, rewind, and/or replay the video until you feel comfortable. If the exercise does not work for you, then you can easily ask for an alternative and continue forward!

      Virtual training

      You may not be able to physically meet your trainer in person, but virtual training is easily accomplished. Letís say you are stuck on a certain exercise or concept, you can setup a virtual session with the trainer to cover the topic. If time is an issue, the video can be recorded and sent to the trainer. The trainer can then offer insight in a response video. This allows for even more ease of access.

      Workout tracking

      Training programs have been incorporating workout tracking to allow clients to input their workouts into a database. This allows the client to see their progress and also allows the trainer to tweak anything necessary. This means you no longer have to hand over your exercise card or sheet, then have the trainer look it over. The trainer now has the ability to log and track your data. They can use the info to offer tips that are geared more towards your goals. Losing weight and gaining muscle just got easier!

      Itís time to stop finding excuses and start moving! If you are interested in an online training program, there are several top notch programs available. There is also one available through the Athletic Xtreme Website! Yes, itís an all-in-one package deal at an extremely low price, called FREE! Check it out here!

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