• Nordic Naturals Launches Omega 3 Powder

      By Elaine Watson, Nutra Ingredients USA

      Nordic Naturals is targeting consumers that want to get the higher omega-3 dosages found in supplements - without popping pills - with the launch of a new “neutral-flavored” cod liver oil powder they can add to their own food.

      Each stick pack of the Omega-3 Fortify water-soluble powder contains 500mg of EPA/DHA from microencapsulated cod liver oil and can be dissolved in drinks or added as a topping to meals and snacks.

      Growing demand for 'alternative delivery systems' for omega-3s

      Designed to be added to foods and then consumed within 15 minutes, the powder contained “zero hint of fish”, retail sales manager Marci van der Meulen told NutraIngredients-USA.

      "The omega-3 powder category is an emerging one in the natural supplements industry. They provide a healthy, tasty, and convenient alternative to traditional delivery systems like soft gels and liquids.

      "Omega-3 Fortify was launched only two weeks ago, so we are just in the beginning stages of gaining broad distribution in the US. The preliminary response from retailers has been very favorable as there is a growing demand for alternative delivery systems of omega-3’s."

      An end to pill-popping

      Nordic Naturals chief medical officer Keri Marshall added: "We found many people were complaining that their store-bought enriched foods were not delivering significant amounts of EPA, only DHA, and they liked the idea of not having to take supplements.

      “Added to yogurt, dressings, juice, apple sauce – anything that is not too hot - Omega-3 Fortify allows customers to fortify their favorite foods without changing taste or texture."

      Not suitable for hot foods

      The encapsulated oil was is in the natural triglyceride form for optimal absorption and was designed to be added to foods and drinks that were at room temperate or below, said the firm. “To preserve neutral flavor, avoid mixing Omega-3 Fortify with hot foods, and consume within 15 minutes of preparation. The use of blenders with this product is also not recommended.

      "We are confident that if consumers use our products as suggested, they will have a very positive experience."

      Source: http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/...%2BText%2BNews
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