• New Acid Neutralized Vitamin C

      By Elaine Watson, Nutra Ingredients USA

      The firm behind FAST-C, a vitamin C ingredient claimed to blow rivals out of the water in the bioavailability and tolerability stakes, has struck a licensing deal with supplement formulator Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) that will see it hit stores throughout Canada.

      FAST-C, made by Californian firm Scientific Food Solutions (SFS), utilizes a patent-pending composition that provides a 90%+ acid neutralized vitamin C, promising faster absorption and better retention without upsetting sensitive stomachs.

      The subject of two US-based double blind, randomized crossover clinical trials, FAST-C got into the blood significantly faster than a leading premium buffered vitamin C formulation, while urinary excretion was slightly less, suggesting good retention by tissues, said the firm.

      Absorbed faster, retained better

      FAST-C contains Alkemy, a proprietary blend of alkalizing minerals, plus Sabinsa’s patented bioavailability enhancer BioPerine and will be on sale in specialty health food retail, boutique retail, big box retail and direct dispensing practitioners across Canada.

      "FAST-C is “currently a standalone premium vitamin C but can be incorporated into a multi-vitamin”, said SFS president Gretchen Reece.

      FAST-C is absorbed 24% faster into the blood stream and is retained there for improved immune support.”

      Sabinsa’s standardized piperine ingredient is extracted from black pepper and has been shown in clinical trials to increase the absorption of nutrients in nutritional supplements.

      According to SPINS data, US vitamin C supplement sales were flat in 2010, with growth in the conventional channel offset by a small decline in the natural channel.

      Source: http://mobile.nutraingredients-usa.c...%2BText%2BNews
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