• The Muscle Up

      By Chris Giblin Men's Fitness

      The 'muscle-up' is one of the most coveted CrossFit exercises that takes a ton of strength and practice to master. In concept, a perfectly executed muscle-up may not look all that difficult to master, but the grip and the movements often prove a bit unnatural for anyone trying for the first time. Basically, a muscle-up is transitioning your body from pull-up to dip in one fluid movement.

      The Four Steps to a Muscle-Up

      STEP ONE: Hang from a pull up bar with a false grip (thumbs on top the bar, not around)
      STEP TWO: Pull yourself up (chin to the bar)
      STEP THREE: 'Roll' your chest over the bar as a transition from a pull-up to a dip.
      STEP FOUR: Press your hands down and drive your body upwards (the dip)
      We've asked owner/trainer of Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave., Nathan Forster to help explain the basics of the muscle-up. “This is one of the most complicated CrossFit movements you can do,” he says. “It’s the last thing that a lot of people get.”
      Forster's step-by-step coaching tips:

      Starting in a dead hang position on a straight pull up bar, get a good swing going with your legs and hips. Keep your elbows in tight and "pull the bar down to your belly button" while simultaneously exploding your hips up at the same time. Once your hips and legs are parallel to the floor and your hands reach your belly button, explosively throw your chest and head over the bar. Finally, press up so your arms are in full extension.

      Forster says that for most people, the technique of the muscle-up it what's most difficult to master, although it definitely takes some strength to accomplish as well.
      Building Up Your Muscle-Up Skills

      Forster suggests starting with basic pull-ups on the bar for several repetitions. Make pull-ups more challenging by adding a weight belt. This will do a great job of strengthening your arms, shoulders and back.

      When you’re feeling better about your level of strength, move onto the first progression of the muscle-up, which is very heavy on technique. Practice the movement on the ground by lowering Olympic rings down so they almost hit the floor, then fully extend your arms down and work on throwing your head and chest through the rings while keeping your elbows in tight.

      Forster says the progression from there to a regular muscle-up simply involves raising the rings a little higher after each time you feel you’ve mastered the technique and movement at its given height. Eventually, you’ll do the exercise standing up tall, making you a master of one of the most challenging exercises out there.

      “It’s definitely one of the most advanced movements in CrossFit, but it’s also one of the most rewarding,” he says. “It works a ton of technique, which helps you learn how to use your hips, a lot of core, your shoulders, your chest, your triceps – all that is engaged in this movement. It’s also just a huge milestone that you feel really good about when you figure it out.”

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...-the-muscle-up
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      1. ka0tik's Avatar
        ka0tik -
        It's easy if you have momentum and you weigh under 200lbs...
      1. tryn2bebig's Avatar
        tryn2bebig -
        I would have enjoyed the article more if somebody like Hannibal for King or guys from bartendaz, etc. could have helped explain muscle ups. I have NEVER seen a magizine, workout site nor this guy mention a muscle up until guys like hannibal and others showed people what they were.
      1. RecompMan's Avatar
        RecompMan -
        Originally Posted by ka0tik View Post
        It's easy if you have momentum and you weigh under 200lbs...
        I was doing 11 at 204 lbs. stopped doing them for a while dropped weight haven't even tried in like 1.5 years
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