• Multivitamins For Alertness

      by Robert Goldman MD, PhD Iron Man Magazine

      Multivitamin supplements contain a wide range of nutrients, with a number of individual ingredients suggested to be effective in boosting mood and improving alertness. Andrew Pipingas from Swinburne University in Australia and colleagues enrolled 50 men, aged 50 to 69, in an eight-week study. Each subject received either a multivitamin containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant extracts or a placebo. The team measured mood and stress using a standardized assessment scale.

      After eight weeks the participants receiving the vitamin supplement experienced a notable decrease in measures of depression, anxiety and stress. As well, the vitamin supplemented group reported significant improvement in alertness. Observing an “improvement in…general daily functioning in the multivitamin group,” the authors conclude that “supplementation with a multivitamin, mineral and herbal formulation may be useful in improving alertness and reducing negative mood symptoms and may also improve feelings of general day-to-day well-being.”

      Harris, E., et al. (2011). The effect of multivitamin supplementation on mood and stress in healthy older men. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental. Published online November 16.

      —Dr. Bob Goldman

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