• Is “Low T” Legit?

      By: Will Brink

      “Low T” or low testosterone is a common message seen on TV commercials and discussed on web forums, etc. Is it a legit problem or an invented syndrome to sell testosterone?

      BTW, you’ll find a number of articles and other vids on the topic of testosterone, and HRT/TRT for men by searching the site here if interested in more detailed information.

      Source: http://www.brinkzone.com/general-health/is-low-t-legit/
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      1. drewsicle3210's Avatar
        drewsicle3210 -
        I don't really care if it is legit or not, whether a company wants to make money. I put the labs in, i read the reults, i told doc I need to see an endo, and now I am on TRT. BAM!
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