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      A cocktail of resveratrol and leucine can help you lose weight faster. Nutritionists at the University of Tennessee write in Nutrition and Metabolism that this combination boosts fat and glucose burning in cells. A combination of resveratrol and HMB works just as well.

      The amino acid leucine and its metabolite HMB not only stimulate the production of muscle fibre, they also reduce fat mass. This is probably because both compounds enhance the activity of the enzyme Sirt1. [Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2012 Nov 15; 303(10): E1234-44.] [FASEB Journal. 2012; 26:251.6.]

      Sirt1 is an enzyme in the nuclei that enables cells to repair themselves. It also activates anti-cancer genes like p53. The more active Sirt1 is, the less room for manoeuvre free radicals have.

      Sirt1 has a little brother, Sirt3, which is present outside the cell nuclei, in the cytoplasm. Sirt1 and Sirt3 play a key role in energy metabolism. They are involved in the production of mitochondria, which enable cells to burn glucose and fatty acids, thus generating more energy. Sirt1 becomes more active the less energy you consume, but also if you consume substances like resveratrol.

      The effect of leucine on Sirt1/3 is limited. And in complex organisms the effect of resveratrol is also limited. The researchers wondered whether a combination of the two compounds would have a mutually strengthening effect.

      The researchers did experiments with mice that had been fattened for 6 weeks first. The animals were then given food for another six weeks, which had been enriched with nothing [the control group], resveratrol, leucine, HMB or combinations of these.

      At the end of the experiment the animals in a resveratrol-leucine group had 35 less fat that the mice in the control group, as you can see in this table. The mice that had only been given resveratrol albeit a high dose had only 8 percent less fat than the mice in the control group.

      Below you can see how the combination of leucine/HMB and resveratrol boosted the burning of fatty acids in the mice's cells. The second and third figures below show how the combination led to an increase of Sirt1 and Sirt3 respectively in the muscle cells.

      Exposure to leucine and resveratrol boosted the activity of the enzyme AMPK in the mouse cells, as you can see in the figure above.

      In the animals that had been given both leucine/HMB and resveratrol, the insulin level went down and the muscle cells' glucose uptake increased. [Table]

      At the end of the supplementation period the researchers gave their lab animals labelled palmitate [a fatty acid] and a labelled glucose analogue. In the photos below you can see that the mice's tissues absorbed more fatty acids and glucose as a result of the HMB/resveratrol combination.

      Converting the doses used to human equivalents you arrive for the 'low' resveratrol groups at a couple of dozen milligrams resveratrol per day. The leucine dose used converts to a couple of dozen grams per day. The human equivalent of the quantity of HMB used in the 'low' HMB groups amounts to several grams per day.

      Nutr Metab (Lond). 2012 Aug 22;9(1):77.

      Source: http://www.ergo-log.com/resveratrol-...t-burning.html
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      1. ka0tik's Avatar
        ka0tik -
        So 24mg of resveratrol and 24g of leucine. Hmb is too expensive. Resveratrol is doable but realistically the leucine might need to go down to 10-12g's per day from all sources. I think I'm gonna try it
      1. shratus's Avatar
        shratus -
        Just one question isn't oral ingestion bioavailability of resveratol poor in human ?
        so how does one get the adequate amount? topical i guess but...
      1. ScienceFreak's Avatar
        ScienceFreak -
        YES it is true resveratrol increases metabolism and burns fat IN RODENTS! Ive recently talked to an endocrinologist who conducted a randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial on obese men using high-dose (1500mg daily) resveratrol which found NO positive effects on metabolism or fatburning. So before you rush out to buy reveratrol and leucine you might want to do some critial reading of your own:

        High-Dose Resveratrol Supplementation in Obese Men
        An Investigator-Initiated, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled
        Clinical Trial of Substrate Metabolism, Insulin Sensitivity,
        and Body Composition, 2012, Diabetes, Clinical trial reg. no. NCT01150955
      1. mrmello's Avatar
        mrmello -
        Precisely Sciencefreak... many of resveratrol benefits observed in rodents do not translate to humans..at least not as well as it does in rodents.. and scientics are puzzled as to why. They speculate it is the poor bioavailability... of resveratrol. Patrick Arnol has mentioned an interested human study in which 150mg of resveratrol for 30 days was found to lower, blood gluscose, tryglicerydes, and insuline. It also increased AMPK expression and increased SIRT1- Gene expression as well.

        Id post the link but I need 150 posts and Im not anywhere near it. lol but if you search ''Patrick Arnold resveratrol'' you should find a link to his blog under the names ''Resveratrol Human Study''
      1. Lhns2's Avatar
        Lhns2 -
        I think they're talking about the combination... not just one or the other for fat loss.
      1. ScienceFreak's Avatar
        ScienceFreak -
        Originally Posted by Lhns2 View Post
        I think they're talking about the combination... not just one or the other for fat loss.
        Yes, that's also true - but its still in rodents. I think it might be the poor bioavailability that causes it to be ineffective in humans because leucine does do good things. If youre interested in the compounds check out SRT1720 - its an experimental compound activating the SIRT pathway like resveratrol only much more potent.
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