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      From: LG Sciences

      These two alarming moves by the FDA are a grave injustice against dietary supplements which have been proven over and over to be safe and effective. If the FDA has it's way, all innovation will stop because of harsh regulatory red tape! Please take action now on these two and email your congress people!

      The FDA is trying to misuse the law by releasing draft guidelines for dietary supplements that will stop innovation. Dietary supplements, unlike drugs are very safe and even with all of this data the FDA wishes to impose ludicrous rules on dietary supplement manufacturers that are not even part of the law!

      Make your voice heard and please contact congress on these two important action items:



      Please email your congress person right now and tell them to keep supplements free!
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      1. houstontexas's Avatar
        houstontexas -
        Done deal
      1. sapentia's Avatar
        sapentia -
        This is a legitimate threat to our freedom to buy supplements. If you think otherwise you may wake up one day to realize much of your freedoms are gone to include the right to buy supplements.
      1. sapentia's Avatar
        sapentia -
        I would also suggest that everyone email the included links in the article to those you know who support supplementation. The more people who object to this action by the FDA the more likely that it will fail.
      1. MidwestBeast's Avatar
        MidwestBeast -
        Another bump for people to take this seriously and fill it out. I know we always seem to have scares, but I refuse to let pharmaceutical companies take over and regulate what supplements I want to take.

        I filled out the petition and shared this on my personal fb a month ago or whenever it first came up/out.
      1. GuyverX's Avatar
        GuyverX -
        Already a member of the site.Stay updated regularly.Now it is supplements, tomorrow they will have us under martial law 24-7.
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