• How Much Water Should You Drink?

      By Shawn Radcliffe Men's Fitness

      Fitness and public health specialists often suggest drinking six to eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy and to lose weight. Unfortunately, there’s little scientific basis to this recommendation, says Spero Tsindos in an editorial in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

      Excessive water consumption is driven in part by “vested interests,” says Tsindos. Plastic water bottles carried by people to and from the gym, on the subway, or out to dinner have turned drinking water into a fashion statement.

      There’s also a misconception that drinking several glasses of water can help you lose weight. The only thing that water does for certain is reduce your appetite. Tsindos points to studies showing that water consumed in food is actually more effective at promoting weight loss.

      More importantly, we often overlook other sources of water—such as juices, fruits, vegetables and other beverages. Many believe that this water doesn’t count, but your body absorbs it in the same way as the ultra-filtered spa water in your trendy aluminum bottle.

      Some guidelines suggest you skip caffeinated beverages, which are labeled as diuretics—causing you to lose water by producing more urine. Research, however, suggests that coffee and tea are not as bad as their reputation.

      Rather than trying to drink a specific number of glasses of water a day, says Tsindos, you should consider your overall fluid intake. This includes not only tap and bottled water, but also water found in unprocessed fruits and vegetables, and juices—and yes, even coffee and tea.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition...ou-drink-a-day
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      1. snagencyV2.0's Avatar
        snagencyV2.0 -
        and sooooo - what is the answer?
        okay, i understand you don't want to put a "specific number" on it, as yes it will be IMPOSSIBLE to count to water held in foods.
        that is why, Shawn, we count the h2o we consume from drinking water to begin with -- because it IS the one thing we can reliably track. any water from food sources is then gravy....
      1. standon's Avatar
        standon -
      1. OrganicShadow's Avatar
        OrganicShadow -
        Mens Fitness Magazine once again providing terrible articles. As an initial rough estiamte I tell people to divide their weight in half and thats the amount in ounces they should consume daily. Me personally I shoot for 0.75-1 gallon a day. Once a personal knows their minimals for on/off training days they can subjectively assess their level of hydration.
      1. dmajik's Avatar
        dmajik -
        I believe, drink enough water to satisfy your thirst. Simple concept. Just make sure when your thirsty, you get something healthy and not a coke or dr.pepper... You don't need to pick up a fitness mag to tell you hey, when your thirsty drink something.... Umm we started crying for a titty when we were babies. We figured that **** out then. Get it when we want it or need it.
      1. asooneyeonig's Avatar
        asooneyeonig -
        to take into account all variables for hydration, look at your urine. the darker it is the more fluids you need.

      1. Quadzilla99's Avatar
        Quadzilla99 -
        strong broscience in these comments
      1. alexoc949's Avatar
        alexoc949 -
        i drink two gallons a day... never have i seen any correlation with losing weight
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