• How To Do Cheat Meals

      By Steve Holman Iron Man Magazine

      Q: I got your e-book X-treme Lean, and Iím already starting to see lines in my abs after applying many of your suggestions for only a few weeks. One question: You call for at least one cheat day a week. Do I have to eat junk food on those days?

      A: Despite the term ďcheatĒ day, no, you donít have to eat junk food. In fact, for those who have trouble controlling the amount of junk they eat once they get a taste, itís best to steer clear. Addictive-personality types could binge and undo a lot of the fat-loss progress they may have already achieved.

      Then there are those whose systems donít cope well with junk food. If even a small amount of junk makes you feel blah and sluggish, donít eat it. Sure, the feeling may be only psychological, but the mind can do strange things and cause you to sabotage progress.

      Cheat day is all about increasing your carbs and calories for that one day to keep your metabolism from slowing down. You can up your carbs with fruit, pasta and/or a recovery-drink shake. Many of those powders have 60 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protein per serving. If your carbs are down to 150 grams a day, cheat day should push you over 200 gramsóup to 250.

      Stay consistent, and soon youíll be proud to show your physique at the pool, lake or beach.

      Source: http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/site/...ean-cheat-day/
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