• Ginger Raises Human Testosterone Levels

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      We recently wrote about just one of many animal studies which has shown that ginger supplementation boosts the testosterone level. But there were no human studies on the hormonal effects of ginger on testosterone, we thought. Well, there are. A thoughtful reader mailed us one. From the university of Tikrit in Iraq, published in the Tikrit Medical Journal.

      The researchers describe an experiment they did with 75 married men with fertility problems, aged between 19 and 40. Through a clinic in Tikrit the men were put on a course of ginger. The researchers do not say how much ginger the men received or the form in which they were given it. They are also not very clear about the duration of the treatment, although in the article they mention "three months of treatment". We assume this is the case.

      The researchers used a control group of 25 healthy men, but they don't report the data they collected from this group in the article. The figure below relates therefore to the 75 infertile men. There was not a group to whom a placebo was given.

      The supplementation raised the men's testosterone level by 17.7 percent. This may well have something to do with the effect of ginger on the LH level. The latter rose by a whopping 43.2 percent.

      The concentration of the toxic malondialdehyde in the men's blood decreased and the concentration of the protective glutathione rose. Malondialdehyde is a marker for free radical activity. This confirms the theory that ginger works above all, probably by activating endogenous antioxidants, by destroying harmful molecules in the testes.

      Both quantity and quality of sperm cells increased. The study does not reveal whether the men also became fathers.

      "The present study recommends the use of ginger by Iraqi community as a food additive”, the researchers conclude.

      Tikrit Medical Journal 2012;18(2):322-329.

      Source: http://www.ergo-log.com/ginger-boost...man-study.html
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      1. aLinux's Avatar
        aLinux -
        Amazing - this has been the secret to my small stash arsenal group - I been using a tiny piece everyday
        for big gains ..... lmao

        They were probably just malnutrition - anything aside from there usual camel juice would induce a gain :)
      1. cumminslifter's Avatar
        cumminslifter -
        what dosage did they use?
      1. rhino67jg's Avatar
        rhino67jg -
        I've been using ginger for help with my arthritis. I found an added benefit of supplementing with ginger also helps with my digestive issues.
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