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      From Muscular Development

      BUILDING ZONE (Hard Hat Mandatory)
      The Foundation

      Military Barbell Presses
      Upright Rows
      Side Lateral Raises
      Bent Over Lateral Raises
      Barbell Front Raises

      Off-Season Shoulders
      Military Presses 6 x 8-14
      Bent Over Laterals 4 x 8-14 Supersetted with Upright Rows 4 x 8-14
      Side Laterals 4 x 8-14

      Blueprint for Cannonball Delts

      • If you can do presses behind the neck, go for it, as it is a superior movement. However, be cautious, as they have the potential to rip the **** out of your rotator cuffs.
      • Dumbbell presses are effective, but once you get up to the heavier dumbbells, the benefit-cost ratio of lugging those suckers into place isnít worth it.
      • On side and rear laterals, pull with the elbows. In other words, initiate the movement with your elbows, not your hands or wrists.
      • On front raises, go all the way up over your head for the best contraction.
      • Donít be afraid to switch up the order of the exercises. A couple of weeks ago, I started with upright rows and my entire deltoids, from front to back, plus my traps, were sore for a week!
      • In the off-season, take advantage of greater strength by sticking to straight sets on heavy compound moves like presses.
      • Giant sets and supersets can be highly effective. Pair up a compound movement with an isolation oneÖbent over laterals and upright rows, side laterals and presses, etc.
      • Train delts once a week, as they are used heavily in other upper body movements, particularly chest

      Sample Early Off-Season Diet

      Meal 1:
      Half a dozen eggs
      Off-season Oatmeal (see last monthís column for recipe)

      Meal 2:
      60 grams Iso Whey Universal Protein with ĺ cup of Old Fashioned Quaker Oats, rawó yes, raw! Shakes are made in advance so the oats are soft
      Half cup of frozen berries (loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and fiber)
      1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil
      1 tablespoon of all-natural peanut butter

      Meal 3:
      8 ounces chicken
      1 1/2 cups of brown rice combined with lentils
      1 cup escerol and white beans
      1 tablespoon of olive oil (on rice)
      Macadamia nut oil (for chicken)

      Meal 4:
      Same shake as Meal 2
      Once I get deep into my off-season, Iíll use more Torrent

      Meal 5:
      Same as Meal 3

      Meal 6:
      10 ounces red meat
      12 ounces roasted white potatoes
      Big salad full of alfalfa sprouts
      2 tablespoons olive oil

      Meal 7:
      Another shake minus the banana


      Animal Nitro for amino acids for pre- and post-training (all uncoupled aminosÖhelps jack insulin; passes through the stomach quickly)

      Amino Tech throughout day with all whole-food meals

      Animal Pak


      Fish oils

      Evening Primrose Oil

      Extra vitamin C and E

      ZMA before bed (must be working because Iím getting the deepest sleep full of whacky-ass dreams)


      I get a lot of e-mails asking what I do on a typical day and I honestly couldnít say. So I picked a random day out of the week and wrote everything down. Hereís what I discovered.

      A Day In The Office

      9:00 a.m: Up and at Ďem. The first thing I do is guzzle down a liter of water to rehydrate. Then I check e-mails, go on the boards, make calls and schedule appointments and meetings.

      10:00 a.m.: I have my first meal and get my food and shakes together. I hit the shower, pack all my grub for the day and roll out for the gym.

      12:00 p.m.: I get to the gym and have Meal 2. I get on the computer again, make calls and take care of business.

      1:00-3:00 p.m.: Train

      3:00 p.m.: I have Universalís Torrent plus three packs of Animal Nitro.

      3:20 p.m.-3:30 p.m.: Protein shake (Universalís Iso Whey). Then I tan or talk to friends in the gym to kill some time. Usually, somebody I know is getting ready for a show so I help out with diet or posing. Itís like a little community. We all help each other out. Itís pretty cool to have that support.

      4:00 p.m.: Another meal before heading home.

      5:00 p.m.: Back at home on the computer, doing business-related tasks.

      6:00 p.m.: Eat (what do you want from me? Iím a bodybuilder.)

      7:00 p.m.: Prep my dinner, which I like to eat fresh off the stove.

      8:00 p.m.: Dinner. Sometimes if weíre lucky, the whole family sits down together (of course, my plate looks vastly different from theirs). Afterward, I hang out with my girlfriend and family.

      10:00 p.m.: Another shake.

      11:00 p.m.: In bed.

      As you can see, I spend most of my day at the gym. Itís like the office. I go there to train and conduct business. I also noticed that I spend a good deal of time answering questions on the boards (you guys are keeping me real busy). In the evenings I donít do the club scene or any stupid **** like that. That crap doesnít mix with the bodybuilding lifestyle. Basically, Iím home every night. I eat my meals, train, handle my business, answer e-mails, post on the boards and get plenty of rest. Everything I do is geared toward making me the best bodybuilder I can be. I love bodybuilding. Iím very passionate about being a pro. I take my responsibilities seriously and anything that runs contrary to that has no place in my life.


      Universal is launching a new product called Animal Omega. Itís a comprehensive EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) supplement; the first of its kind. Itís gonna have it all, omegas from fish oils, plus flaxseed oil, evening primroseÖthe works. It takes the guesswork and inconvenience out of having to take a bunch of different supplements to get all your EFAs. Be on the lookout!

      Source: http://www.musculardevelopment.com/a...centopani.html
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