• Full Body Conditioning Workout

      By Will Lanier, CF-L1 Men's Fitness

      We’ve all been there. You get to the gym, it’s crowded, all the machines and benches are taken, and the only things left are the lady dumbbells, random kettlebells, and one bar. So what do you do? Improvise!

      This 15-minute, CrossFit style workout is the perfect answer for your lack of time and equipment. It's quick, intense and it works.

      The 15-Minute Workout

      MOVE ONE: 3-min Barbell or Dumbbell Thrusters
      > 75 lb. barbell load or 25-35 lb. dumbbells
      1-min rest
      MOVE TWO: 3-min Burpees
      1-min rest
      MOVE THREE: 3-min KB Swings
      > 24kg kettlebell
      1-min rest
      MOVE FOUR: 3-min Box Jumps
      > 24” box

      Thrusters work muscles in both the upper and lower body to provide a full-body workout. You’ll first have to clean the barbell to the front rack position and begin with the front squat…this will target your thighs, calves, and ass. Then, utilizing your explosive strength, drive through the heels to full extension to force the barbell upward from the bottom of the squat. Transfer that energy from the hip drive and muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back activate to bring the barbell overhead.
      Remember: Be sure to reach full depth (hip crease BELOW knee crease) on the squat. Once the barbell is overhead, ensure that you end with the bar balanced over the midline of your foot and not pressed out in front of you. If you can see the barbell at the top of the lift…you are doing it wrong.

      The most hated movement in the world but one of the most effective full body movements. The burpee targets chest, arms, thighs, calves, abs, glutes, and more. The more rhythmic you can make the movement, the more efficient you will be. Utilizing your hip drive in this exercise will gain you more reps and save your arms for the kettlebell swings.

      Kettlebell Swings
      Beyond cardiovascular taxation, this movement builds a superman of a posterior chain (that’s all those muscles behind you…from the base of your skull to the Achilles tendon). The kettlebell swing is not only simple, but also very time efficient when it comes to full body training. A high rep kettlebell workout will burn a ton of calories and build your cardio endurance.

      Remember: Do not let the bell hang from your hands. Maintain an active grip and imagine you are creating a pendulum with the kettlebell. The kettlebell swing is a hip driven movement meaning all of the drive and force comes from opening and closing the hip joint. If your shoulders are tiring out in the beginning – you’re doing it wrong.

      Box Jumps
      Finally, no workout is complete without something fun and functional. The box jump can be explained in training a trifecta.

      One: You want to train to limit impact. We accomplish this task by jumping up and landing in a power squat to full squat position, thus cushioning the impact.

      Two: Increasing your power. This task is accomplished by jumping as high as necessary to land on the box.

      Three: Increasing stabilization and coordination. If you jump up and actually land on the box and stabilize, you’ve accomplished this task.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...ioning-workout
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        Intense...I like it.
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        This is a man maker here...or woman maker for the politically correct crowd :yeah:
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