• Faster Workouts For Bigger Gains

      by Butch Lebowitz Iron Man Magazine

      In the September 11 Readers Digest the feature Life had a number of sections on how to do things better and more efficiently. One section was titled, How to Get More Done, and every tip can be applied to your workoutIve altered the title of each tip to reflect that. If youre looking to get bigger and stronger faster, heres your checklist:

      1) Have a workout plan. Dont just jump into a workout without having a map of what youre going to do. It could be in your head, but its best to draft a workouthave a training journal with exercises you plan to do. Even better, write down your sets, reps and poundages so you can try to better your performance at your next session.

      2) Time your rests between sets. Youll better tax the muscleand you wont waste time chatting. Most trainees rest too long, getting distracted. Wear a watch with a sweeping second hand to keep your breaks conducive to packing on muscleshort rests are bestor building strengthabout three minutes.

      3) Be in the zone. Heres where technology can help you stay focused, as in an iPod. Your favorite tunes can crank up your motivationplus the earbuds will keep others from talking to you. If music is distracting, just wear the earbuds without turning on music. People wont bug you.

      4) Talk to yourself. Okay, you dont have to actually mutter phrases like, Im gonna grow now. But in your mind continually give yourself positive affirmation, like, Im getting 10 reps with this weight, or My arms are going to be bigger after this exercise. Remember Arnold visualizing his biceps as mountains? Same principle.

      5) Travel light. You want to be able to move from one piece of equipment to another quickly. Dont drag a lot of gear around the gym. All you really need is a towel and your workout journal. Straps? There are models that stay snug wrapped around your wrist with Velcro closures (Shiek.com). Lifting belt? Keep it on loosely when youre not doing heavy lifts that tax your lower back.

      6) Have an alternate plan. What happens if youre short of time and cant get in a full workout? You should always have an abbreviated version ready to gojust in case.

      7) Know alternate exercises. If your favorite piece of equipment is occupied by three guys doing sets back to back, youll have to improviseunless youre Bruce Lee and can knock out all three with one wheel kick. Have substitute exercises written in your journal under each main exercise. If your primary is taken, go to your second choice.

      Those seven tips should help you get through your workout in one to 1 1/2 hours maxany longer than that and youre either slacking or have too much in your program. Minimize, and youll build muscle size.

      Source: http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/site/...-bigger-gains/
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      1. shalashaska's Avatar
        shalashaska -
        7) Know alternate exercises.

        This is the biggest problem on my gym. The time i go, somedays, there are 3~5 guys on the same machine, and i have to turn my mind on to improvise something '-'
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