• Fasted Cardio Burns More Fat

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      People can burn up to 20% more body fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach, according to new research from Northumbria University.

      In a study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition on January 24, academics sought to find out whether the known benefits of exercising after an overnight fast were undermined by an increased appetite and eating more food later in the day.

      Researchers, led by Dr Emma Stevenson and PhD student Javier Gonzalez, asked twelve physically active male participants to perform a bout of treadmill exercise at 10am, either after they had eaten breakfast or in a fasted state having not eaten since the evening before.

      Following the exercise all participants were given a chocolate milkshake recovery drink. Later in the day, participants were provided with a pasta lunch which they were asked to consume until they felt 'comfortably full'. Their lunchtime consumption of energy and fat was assessed and calculated, taking into account the amount of energy and fat burned during the morning period.

      The researchers discovered that those who had exercised in the morning did not consume additional calories or experience increased appetite during the day to compensate for their earlier activity.

      They also found that those who had exercised in a fasted state burned almost 20% more fat compared to those who had consumed breakfast before their workout. This means that performing exercise on an empty stomach provides the most desirable outcome for fat loss.

      Javier Gonzalez, who is currently undertaking a PhD in Exercise and Metabolism, said: "In order to lose body fat we need to use more fat than we consume. Exercise increases the total amount of energy we expend and a greater proportion of this energy comes from existing fat if the exercise is performed after an overnight fast.
      "Our results show that exercise does not increase your appetite, hunger or food consumption later in the day and to get the most out of your session it may be optimal to perform this after an overnight fast."

      Dr Emma Stevenson, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and Associate Director of Northumbria University's Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre, added: "This research is very important in helping to provide practical guidelines relating to food intake to individuals who are exercising to maximise fat mass loss. It must be highlighted that this is a short-term study and we can only speculate on the longer term outcomes of such nutritional practices."

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      The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Northumbria University.
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      Javier T. Gonzalez, Rachel C. Veasey, Penny L. S. Rumbold, Emma J. Stevenson. Breakfast and exercise contingently affect postprandial metabolism and energy balance in physically active males. British Journal of Nutrition, 2013; : 1 DOI: 10.1017/S0007114512005582

      Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases...Weight+Loss%29
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      1. jdean321's Avatar
        jdean321 -
        What about cortisol levels? It is said cardio first thing in the morning makes cortisol levels out of whack. High cortisol will hinder gains incredibly look up side effects
      1. HardCore1's Avatar
        HardCore1 -
        ^^^^^^^Same thing I've read! I've also read that taking certain GH and TEST producing supplements pre workout in a fasted state reverses this spike in cortisol. I've actually tested this multiple times and I believe it works. I do find myself much hungrier and very tired after the gym when using hormone inducing supplements prewrkt fasted.
      1. buff.girl's Avatar
        buff.girl -
        Good recipe if u wana be skinny fat
      1. EatMoar's Avatar
        EatMoar -
        Wouldn't lifting fasted = cardio fasted?
      1. nicoacademia's Avatar
        nicoacademia -
        the army trains every morning before the sun rises.
        what more else do i have to say.
        "train" as opposed to being tortured.

        i read somewhere training early in the morning keeps testosterone:cortisol ratio high.

        they did have a post-workout recovery shake. that helps alot i guess.
      1. drewsicle3210's Avatar
        drewsicle3210 -

        Check it out.
      1. EasyEJL's Avatar
        EasyEJL -
        Who cares about what you think happens to cortisol levels? So cortisol goes up some (when its already at its daily peak) for the half hour or hour of fasted cardio, then you eat and cortisol goes down. If more fat is lost, more fat is lost. That's what this study showed, not more muscle lost. Too many guys get caught up in little number pieces like serum levels of ___ which sound meaningful. But they aren't if they don't actually have effect on body composition. That's why a lot of supplements turn out to be moderately useless, because they are based on research that shows blood markers for ___ to go up or down, but almost never on studies that show actual body composition changes.
      1. Schyluer's Avatar
        Schyluer -
        Great article!! A few questions.. Should you eat right after fasted cardio? Or should you wait a little? Also does anyone think taking 10 grams of bcaas while on fasted cardio could effect the fat loss negatively?
      1. Schyluer's Avatar
        Schyluer -
        Also how long did these people do cardio? 20-30 min? An hr?
      1. Schyluer's Avatar
        Schyluer -
        Also how long was this cardio performed? 20-30 min? An hr?? This stuff matters
      1. jdean321's Avatar
        jdean321 -
        You are right that it is at its highest in the morning. But cardio first thing makes higher cortisol levels throughout the day. Higher than they would be under normal circumstances. And I do care about my cortisol levels because the higher they are the less I will see my body react from my training in the way that I would like it.
      1. jman245's Avatar
        jman245 -
        ^good question as I too take bcaa before workouts with n.o. on a fasted state...
      1. Vengeance187's Avatar
        Vengeance187 -
        Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
        Who cares about what you think happens to cortisol levels? So cortisol goes up some (when its already at its daily peak) for the half hour or hour of fasted cardio, then you eat and cortisol goes down. If more fat is lost, more fat is lost. That's what this study showed, not more muscle lost.
        As far as I can tell the study doesn't even look at muscle or lean mass; so why are you saying there's no muscle loss?
        The real facts are that the group that ate breakfast before working out had an extra meal during the day that the fasted group didn't have. The fasted group did not eat breakfast after the workout, they skipped it all together. Another bunk study that doesn't show any real useful data. Of course eating less will burn more fat...that's not news. I need to start a site where I explain the real results of studies(not the paid-for, or misguided conclusions) so this type of thing stops happening...
      1. Russianog's Avatar
        Russianog -
        I honestly thought this was pretty much common sense...

        less meals consumed + exercise = More fat loss

        I learned nothing new here
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