• The Fankhouser Torture Rack

      by Mike Salazar Flex

      My torture rack exercise is some medieval form of pain that will shock your back into new growth and break you through sticking points. This exercise is not intended to be done week after week, because it is so intense youíll never recover. Only attempt this exercise every four to six weeks. It got its name because itís performed in a power rack and, well, it is torture.

      The torture rack is a combination exercise that will tax you to the extreme if itís done right.

      Itís pretty simple.

      Set up a bar inside a power rack in which you can do bentover rows for 12Ė15 reps. This is the weight you will want to use for each exercise. This is a series of exercises that takes only five minutes to completeóand thatís counting rest time. For the first exercise in the power rack, do as many pullups as you can for one minute on the chin bar. If you need to stop, then start again, but keep doing them for one minute. Then you get a one-minute break before itís off to bentover rows, doing as many as you can for one minute.

      You can set the bar down for a few seconds, but do as many as you can in a minute; then you get a one-minute rest. Follow with deadlifts, using the weight you used for rows, and do as many as you can for one minute. If you need to rest for a few seconds you can, but do as many as you can in the minute. After the set of deads you get a five-minute rest before you start set No. 2 of the torture rack. Pullups one minute, rows one minute, deads one minute, rest for five minutes, then repeat.

      I do three to four sets, and I am spent.

      Let me know how it affects you.

      Source: http://www.flexonline.com/training/v...r-torture-rack
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