• Easy Metabolism Boosts

      By MF Editors

      Torch more calories post-workout with these five metabolism-revving tips.

      1. Always include legs
      Legs are your body's largest muscle group, so using total-body exercises that incorporate them is crucial for weight loss. For example, try adding squats before military press.

      2. Rest less between sets
      Focus on your workout and its intensity. Rather than your usual five-minute recovery period between sets, time yourself and allow only 30 seconds.

      3. Stay vertical
      Forget lying crunches;do cable crunches instead. Kneel in front of a high-pulley apparatus, facing the machine. Attach a rope handle and, keeping your elbows by your eyes, slowly curl your body down. Touch your elbows to your knees at the bottom.

      4. Focus on compound movements
      Stick with movements such as bench presses, squats, chins/pullups, dips and deadlifts. Each works substantially more muscles than a less complex lift and therefore burns substantially more calories.

      5. Do cardio
      Hit the track and run ten 100-yard dashes with 90 seconds' rest in between each. Then head home--you deserve a break, although your body will be incinerating fat for hours to come.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...olism-boosters
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      1. EatMoar's Avatar
        EatMoar -
        Yes let.me rest 30 seconds while squatting heavy. Sounds like a fantastic thing to do. Or even better deadlifting, why not just pass out every time? **** it right?
      1. Quatie's Avatar
        Quatie -
        Who the **** writes these?!! So if I'm 90% of my one rep Max I should only rest 30 seconds. Do cardio lol
      1. shurushuru's Avatar
        shurushuru -
        Yawn another useless men's fitness article.you can't train legs everyday they need rest.
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