• Choosing Supplements

      By Brandon Hahn Athletic Xtreme

      The word on the street is that supplement X rules. You buy supplement X and it sucks. What’s the deal? Why doesn’t it work? You just wasted 50 bucks and someone needs to pay. Well, you chose the supplement for the wrong reason. New products get all of the hype. Why? Because they are new! We live in a “gotta-have-that” country. If it’s new we want it as fast as we can get it. Some are happy with their choice, and others are down right pissed! It’s time to stop wasting all of your hard earned cash. Pull up a chair, welcome to Supplementing 101.

      Supplement Nation

      Everyday hundreds of ads run across the TV screen. Most are geared towards pills. Pop this to fix that. Pop a different pill to cure the side effects the other pill caused. It goes on and on. What we gather from this is that we all need a pill to fix a problem. The term supplement is defined as “something that completes or enhances something else when added”. What it does not mean is that you can pop a pill and it will solve your problems. The pill is there to assist in your cause. A supplement is more like a friend in a fight, he’s there to help IF NEEDED. If you don’t need him, don’t ask for help. People can often handle their own when put up to the challenge. The key to supplementing is knowing when to add them.

      Stop spending money on things you do not need. The pills you buy should be there to assist with your goals. Do not go out and buy a fat burner only to sit behind a desk and expect things to happen. If this is your expectation, you will be disappointed. You will also be the first to shout out that the product you used sucks because it didn’t work for you. Supplement wisely or else.

      Supplement with a purpose

      There have been countless times I have heard people talk about using a fat burner just for energy. The answer is simply that they needed energy and figured a little fat burning wouldn’t hurt. There are several problems with this type of supplementation. First, the person bought a fat burner simply for energy. Second, the person will adapt to this product over time. At that time, he will choose to go big or go home. The dose goes up and up until he is rushed to the hospital (see: ephedra). Choose a supplement that fits your needs. If you need energy, find out why, and go from there. Most of the time a lack of energy is due to poor diet. Fix the diet first. Then, if you still need energy look towards adding a supplement. Be sure the supplement fits your needs. A supplement like AX Stimulant X would be of better benefit for energy than Slim FX. Why? Stimulant X is geared towards providing 12 hours of energy. Slim FX is geared towards maximum fat loss.

      If you are looking to build muscle, then a pill that boosts testosterone would be a great addition. The goal is muscle, therefore the product used should promote muscle growth. The product should have proven ingredients that work.

      Quality Rules

      There are thousands of supplement companies out there. As you read this article, another few are being added to that list. Craft a nice name, find a qualified facility, purchase bulk supplies, and you are on your way. Starting a business is a great thing, but the focus should always be on quality ingredients. Supplement companies require volume to succeed. It’s easy to cut a corner and use run of the mill ingredients. Each ingredient should be of quality with quality research backing the ingredient.

      If you look around, one of the most scrutinized supplements on the market is Creatine. It’s been proven effective time and time again. Some people respond and others don’t. Here’s the interesting part; Creatine is produced naturally within the body. So, if your body produces it, how does it not work for you? One of the reasons for the product not working is the quality of creatine put in the supplement. Again, quality rules!

      So, stop spending money on supplements not geared towards your goals. Do not get bent out of shape if you chose a supplement that was not geared towards your goals (after all, you bought it). Be a responsible supplement user and help keep these products on the shelves. If you offer advice on supplements, be sure your answers are based on facts, not bro hype.

      Source: http://www.athleticxtreme.com/articl...choose-wisely/
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      1. Spaniard's Avatar
        Spaniard -
        Nice advertisement for Slim FX and Stimulant X...

        - Valdez
      1. houstontexas's Avatar
        houstontexas -
      1. Blue Reflex's Avatar
        Blue Reflex -
        LOL! This should be called "Trial and Error"!
      1. milkmaniac's Avatar
        milkmaniac -
        Originally Posted by Valdez View Post
        Nice advertisement for Slim FX and Stimulant X...

        - Valdez
        LOL - I thought those were just generic made-up names like the "supplement X" the article starts off with. Nope. Real supps from the source's website.
      1. Kilo G's Avatar
        Kilo G -
        Lol indeed.
      1. Bnatural's Avatar
        Bnatural -
        Originally Posted by Valdez View Post
        Nice advertisement for Slim FX and Stimulant X...

        - Valdez
        it was written for the AX articles page.
        an endorsement for both supplements is fine, as long as they work, which they do.
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