• Canada Health Clueless As FDA

      By Anthony Roberts

      Aug 18, 2011 Although this hasn’t gotten much press since it was announced, probably because BPI Sports have already changed their formula to not include DMAA, Health Canada has posted an announcement on their website to the effect that 1MR by BPI Sports has been recalled nationwide. The reason for the recall was (of course) the inclusion of DMAA in the original formula, and given Health Canada’s recent position that this is a drug and not a dietary substance, the recall makes a lot of sense.

      What doesn’t make sense is that Jack3d has not been the subject of a similar public announcement, since it also contains DMAA.

      Source: http://www.anthonyroberts.info/2011/...ls-1mr-by-bpi/
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      1. DrewMedic's Avatar
        DrewMedic -
        Health Canada has their head too far up their a$$ to know their own elbows from their butt hole. I order all my stuff from the states, lots of it not legal in Canada. It's been inspected by customs and allowed. I wish they would start dealing with the idiot teenagers using this stuff as drugs as opposed to just banning everything.
      1. Geoff66's Avatar
        Geoff66 -
        Yeah I agree with you there. I'm from Canada to and the drug laws are retarded I get all my stuff off bodybuilding.com but even they won't send certain things across the border..soon enough everything's gonna be banned and we won't be able to get our hands on anything but protein and creatine
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