• Best Foods For Staying Lean And Healthy

      From Charles Poliquin

      Eat these foods for a healthier, leaner body (they are affordable!). You can call ‘em superior foods, superfoods, or staples, but whatever the term, coconut oil, avocado, eggs, cocoa, and kimchi are all foods that have been linked to a optimal leanness, muscularity, and health. Check it out:

      #1: Coconut oil
      Coconut oil is abundant in a medium chain fatty acid that appears to protect your brain, manage blood sugar, and improve energy use in the body so you lose fat. Truly! Coconut oil doesn’t enter the cholesterol cycle, so the fat it contains won’t be deposited in fat cells.

      There’s proof: A recent study of folks from Malaysia where the coconut is native found that having them eat 30 ml of coconut oil three times a day for a month led them to lose about a pound of body fat and trim their waistlines a measureable amount.

      #2: Avocado
      Called an “anti-obesity” food by scientists, the avocado is jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants, and although it is rich in monounsaturated fats, studies suggest eating avocado regularly will keep you from getting fat. This is all for naught if your diet is poor, but in a typical high-protein, low-carb diet, avocados will improve your body and health.

      The research is strong: Analysis of the diets of 17,567 Americans showed that those who ate more avocados had significantly lower body weight and waist circumference and a 50 percent lower risk of metabolic syndrome. And these weren’t Paleo-eaters either—impressive, no?

      #3: Eggs
      A perfect protein source, eggs provide a nice dose of choline, which helps with liver detoxification. This is one reason eggs have been a staple in the diets of bodybuilders for years—a clean liver means the body eliminates toxins better, supporting optimal body composition. Don’t shy away from eating them daily. Recent research shows three eggs a day will IMPROVE cholesterol, decrease inflammation, and manage blood sugar.

      #4: Cocoa
      You’ve heard about the benefits of dark chocolate for the heart due to it being antioxidant-rich and the happy news is that it really is that good for you. Not only will cocoa, from which chocolate is derived, support cardiovascular health, it improves insulin signaling and association studies show a higher dark chocolate intake is linked with a leaner physique. Opt for a chocolate that has over 72 percent cocoa solids—the darker the better—without added sugar. Do not eat chocolate that contains dairy, as it blocks the activity of its powerful anti-oxidants.

      #5: Kimchi
      Perhaps not as delicious as chocolate, kimchi is a fermented Korean cabbage dish that improves gut health and insulin sensitivity. A recent study showed that overweight subjects who ate 100 grams of kimchi at every meal for 4 weeks produced significant fat loss and decreased body fat by 1.5 percent. Blood pressure was lower and blood sugar control improved by the end of the study.
      Read the list of Top Ten Fat Loss Foods for more superior and delicious foods.

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      Source: http://www.charlespoliquin.com/Blog/...aner-Body.aspx
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      1. TheMovement's Avatar
        TheMovement -
        Definitely not all found at FoodLion lol but Id like to try some of these.
      1. mr.cooper69's Avatar
        mr.cooper69 -
        Another misinformation-riddled article by Poliquin
      1. willymacmont's Avatar
        willymacmont -
        Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
        Another misinformation-riddled article by Poliquin
        Well it's not so much the info but the problematic studies that are the weakest portion of the article. Maybe the info is throw together like a gimmick diet when it should have been called," 5 healthy foods." not its overstated nature. I think that's what you were getting at anyways?
      1. JDog479's Avatar
        JDog479 -
        Wouldn't say it's misinformation per say. Definitely overstated though.
      1. KLilly69's Avatar
        KLilly69 -
        Originally Posted by TheMovement View Post
        Definitely not all found at FoodLion lol but Id like to try some of these.
        Really? Odd me thinks... - Name one ont hat list that is not Available at FoodLion? I can't- shop there weekly ;-)
      1. KLilly69's Avatar
        KLilly69 -
        I agree with the article.... Everything in moderation (portion control) ... I eat eveything on this list but Kimchi....
      1. TheMovement's Avatar
        TheMovement -
        Originally Posted by KLilly69 View Post
        Really? Odd me thinks... - Name one ont hat list that is not Available at FoodLion? I can't- shop there weekly ;-)
        Kimchi, I have never seen it before a day in my life lol, and Dark Chocolate always seems to have milk added unless your paying high dollar for something fancy.
      1. tyrub42's Avatar
        tyrub42 -
        Coconut oil is healthy and all, but can't *any* food with calories end up being stored as fat? The article kind of creates the illusion that you can eat as much oil as you want and as long as it's from coconuts, you will lose fat instead of gaining it.
      1. cyto's Avatar
        cyto -
        30 ml of coconut oil 3x day? That sounds like a lot of oil!
        If you come on here and say that it's an article full of misinformation, you had better back up what you say with some hard evidence.
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