• Beer Does the Body Good?

      5 reasons why ordering a beer isn't always an unhealthy option

      We get it, super foods are great, spinach can do no wrong—and when in doubt, choose blueberries. But when nutrition consultant Karen Ansel, MS, RD, CDN talked about the health boosting benefits of beer—we took notice. Not like we needed a reason to pick up a 6-pack, but Ansel rounds up five ways beer does the body good—in moderation of course. Consider this round on us.

      Sneak in Some Fiber
      Beer contains the soluble fiber, beta-glucans, which is linked to lowering cholesterol levels and boosting heart health. For an extra fiber boost, go dark—darker beers pack about 1.3 grams per 12 ounces.

      Keep the Heart Happy

      Guys love beer, beer loves guys. Drinking 1-2 brewskis helps decrease the chances of blood clots by increasing HDL cholesterol (the “good” kind) while lowering the “bad” LDL levels.

      Protect Your Bones

      Drinking 1-2 beers a day can help improve bone strength (conversely heavy drinking can weaken them)—the silicon found in beer has been linked to strengthening the skeletal system.

      Break the Seal

      Beer drinkers have been shown to have a lowered risk of kidney stones compared to their hard liquor loving friends because of beer’s high water content and diuretic effect. (Who knew breaking the seal would be a good thing?) Plus, the compounds in beer have been shown to delay the release of bone calcium which is linked to stones.

      Get Your Daily Dose

      Beer has been found to be a good source of heart healthy B vitamins like B6, B12 and folate. One 12-ounce beer delivers 12.5 percent of the daily B6 Vitamin requirements—although we’re not suggesting downing 8 to reach your daily dose.

      by Bari Lieberman
      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition...-the-body-good

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