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      SATs. Credit rating. Auto insurance score. Chances are, you’ve got a number associated with each. Ever wonder where you’d rank as an athlete?

      Enter Athletic Standard and its athletic performance scoring system, the AS Index (ASI). Using a few key performance drills (dash, vert, shuttle, etc.) and a couple of physical measurements, the Index generates a standardized score (0–3,000) for raw athleticism that’s applicable to any sport. For a frame of reference, most of the population scores under 500; Tim Tebow rates a 2,139.

      Athletic Standard has a 30-year track record winning with college and international teams; but now, lucky for you, their ASI technology is available to trainers and athletes everywhere. The company’s soon-to-be-launched Athletic Intelligence Management (AIM) application not only calculates an athlete’s ASI score, it can also rank player against player or track an individual athlete’s progress with just the click of a button. Trainers can identify which areas need work to better an athlete’s overall numbers, and athletes can keep score as they improve.
      It’s like Kaplan for the weight room—but leave the #2 pencils at home.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...standard-index
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