• The 8 Worst People At The Gym

      By Mike Simone Men's Fitness

      THE HAR*******
      We all go to a gym for different reasons, but the end goal is fitness, not fraternity. Let the girls order their protein shakes in peace, keep the flirting to a minimum and remember: bars are made for socializing, gyms are made for exercising. If you're truly interested in a woman, keep it in your pants, take it home and plaster your walls in construction paper cut-outs of her like the rest of us. Whatever you do, for the love of Pete's hairy beanbag, don't gawp at her while she's splayed out like a snuff star doing hamstring curls.

      Easy, Dice Man. We know your bicep's bigger than the average human head, but there's no need to throw weights, howl and stare at everyone within range as if they all just farted. Lose the snarl, smile, nod, maybe even assist someone with a spot if asked, and we promise not to tell anyone you call your girlfriend "baby boo."

      THE LOG
      A typical rest period between sets is 30 seconds to two minutes. An average working set takes around 30 more seconds. So how is it that you're still sitting there, staring into space after 20 minutes? If you're going to idle, the cushions on the seats at the juice bar are more comfortable than the ones on the bench.

      Maybe you are the biggest or most ripped guy in the joint. Good for you! Being in great shape is an accomplishment—being an arrogant dick is an irritant. Mirrors in the gym are to check your form or to sneak a piggy glimpse of the girl doing hamstring curls, not to flex and admire yourself like an underwear model.

      There's a difference between being friendly and making it a mission to know everyone's name, birthday and favorite Kardashian. By the time you’re done with meeting, greeting and exchanging phone numbers, the hardcore gym grunt has finished half his workout. Learn when to read body language—you might think people are wearing headphones for music, but they're really just avoiding you.

      We're huge advocates of heart, soul and encouragement, but some people need to tone it down a few kilobels. Egging someone on is part of your duty as a spotter, but when you're cheering and screaming like the Triple Crown's riding on it, it can get distracting for others. There's no need to approach each training session like it's a title fight.

      Arms sore? Work wearing you down? Still wondering why you've only lost two pounds in the last election cycle? Instead of spending an hour complaining to everyone within earshot about your busy schedule or old college injuries and then eking out 10 minutes on the Gazelle Edge Glider, try to break a sweat lifting some real weights or doing high-intensity interval cardio.

      There is no way all six of you are going to bench press and/or spot one another at the same time. There's also no way you're going to stay focused and get in a quality training session when you're busy filling your boys in about your crazy weekend in Sioux Falls. Come at different times, work in twos, train in different areas. Save the team bromances for the post-gym bender. Your entourage is crowding the gym floor and ruining everyone else's flow.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/advice/th...the-gym?page=2
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      1. Diabolik's Avatar
        Diabolik -
        I think this is article is absolutely ridiculous. I agree with some of these but it mostly just sounds like a rant from a guy who has a magazine he can vent through. I have a tip for the writer: why don't you just go to the gym, keep your headphones on loud and worry about yourdamnself. Who says you have to go to the gym and worry about everyone else?
      1. Torobestia's Avatar
        Torobestia -
        Agreed, Diabolik...
      1. swollen87's Avatar
        swollen87 -
        X2^ was thinking the same thing while reading...
      1. Diabolik's Avatar
        Diabolik -
        Glad I'm not the only one! There are plenty of people that do annoying things at the gym but most of those things can be ignored. There's gym etiquette and then there's things that personally annoy you and this guy seems to be blabbing mostly about the latter.
      1. gotta get big's Avatar
        gotta get big -
        Terrible article. You want strict rules, hit planet. So what if I hit a pose after? This guy should be added as the 9th worst person to come across
      1. Diabolik's Avatar
        Diabolik -
        ^^ I agree. I've heard pros talk about the importance of posing the muscle you just worked to help with the mind-muscle connection. Posing is hard and is a work out in itself and if you compete, you need all the practice you can get.
      1. jwa254's Avatar
        jwa254 -
        Agreed with Diabolik. I go to the gym and mind my own business. Don't get me wrong, if someone asks for a spot, or asks how I'm doing, I'll respond, but so long as the other person isn't directly bothering me (ex. jumping on the equipment I just finished a set on without asking), then I couldn't care less what he/she is doing. Sure, I see some of these character types mentioned in the article everyday in the gym, but they don't piss me off, I just find them amusing.
      1. AaronJP1's Avatar
        AaronJP1 -
        We all just need to be nice cordial friendly and focus on ourselves.
      1. plumbaman's Avatar
        plumbaman -
        This is lame. I've asked some dumb questions. This article takes the cake.
      1. LilPsychotic's Avatar
        LilPsychotic -
        Ridiculously true!
      1. ax1's Avatar
        ax1 -
        I just hate the cell phone people, and especially the texters. They seem to totally not need to be at the gym, well most of them.
      1. Diabolik's Avatar
        Diabolik -
        Yeah, I always leave my phone in the car.
      1. Gerbil's Avatar
        Gerbil -
        If you follow the golden rule stay out of the way and are fairly personable when asked to spot for someone I feel you are more then alright.
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