• 2 Minute Pullup Challenge

      by Jay Cardiello Men's Fitness

      Ever wonder how your level of strength and fitness matches up against others?

      Today you're about to find out. Listed below is the Pull-Up Mayhem Fitness Challenge, that is made of three intensely-insane protocols that promise to test your strength at every level. Before you jump up to the bar and begin this challenge let's go over the rules:

      > You will have 2 minutes to complete as many of the following protocols as possible.
      > You will be given a 60 second recovery between each protocol.
      > All Pullups must be performed properly with full arm extensions and chin completely raising over the bar.

      Pull-Up Mayhem Fitness Challenge

      TEST ONE: Pull-ups

      MISSION: Perform as many pull ups as you can in 2 minutes.
      Coaching Tip: Use chalk, it will decrease bar slippage and allow for a more definitive grip especially when the first break of sweat erupts.

      < REST 60 SECONDS >

      TEST TWO: Squat-Ups

      MISSION: Perform as many squat-ups as you can in 2 minutes.
      Coaching Tip: Begin in a full squat position. Explode off of the ground, jumping high enough to grab onto the bar. Use your momentum to pull yourself over the bar and perform a pull-up. Retract and repeat as many times as possible.

      < REST 60 SECONDS >

      TEST THREE: Burpee-Ups

      MISSION: Perform as many burpee-ups as you can in 2 minutes.
      Coaching Tip: Begin by performing a standard burpee (minus the push up) As soon as you jump to your feet, explode off of the ground and perform a pull-up. Descend back towards the floor and repeat.

      Source: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/...-up-variations
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      1. pnut143's Avatar
        pnut143 -
        You forgot test 4 where- upon completion of tests 1,2, and 3- you have to resist eating your arms because at this point your arms have turned into bacon
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