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POLL: How many times/week do you workout? FREE PRODUCT!

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  1. Thanks brother!

  2. 5 times. On 2 off 1, on 3 off 1. It is what works best for me. I would say 1-1.5 hours per night.

  3. 5 days split with some alternating sets tossed in. Also 3 20+ min. cardio days usually following back/chest/arms.

  4. Did I win Mace??

  5. not yet! I'm trying to get to 200 votes!

    i'll announce the winner on christmas day if we get over 200 votes by then.....

  6. 4x a week!

  7. 4 times a week Lifting weights 2-3 times a week cardio (depending on goals/recovery)

    I have tried lifting 5 days a week and tend to overtrain doing so

  8. Everyday... I hate wrestling season! haha

  9. 4x a week baby!!! If i didn't have to work my answer would be everyday Sounds like an interesting product mace.

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  10. 6 days a week and about to run out of VasoCharge. Would love to use your product.

  11. 4 days a week right here...enough to hit everyting with intensity. 2-3 days of cardio on off days.

  12. Currently at 144 votes . Can we make it?

  13. 4 times per week. Weights, abs and cardio.

  14. 6 Days a week

    3 lifting

    3 cardio

  15. 3 times a week right now and should be up to 5 again when things slow down and I have time again

  16. 3-4 days a week

  17. only 48 more

  18. Funny AVI!

    I'll do a little advertisement for you...

    Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    only 48 more

  19. I usually get a minimum of 8 days a week. Lol

  20. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    Funny AVI!

    I'll do a little advertisement for you...
    maccy took a picture of himself with 3-AD i see.

  21. 6 days counting cardio.

    Need at least 1 day off to relax and play video games .

  22. Lift 4 days. Anymore and I get burnout. I do cardio 5x a week. I would use a pre workout supplement before cardio and weights.
  23. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cellardude View Post
    maccy took a picture of himself with 3-AD i see.
    I was gonna say

    "Looks like that cut is going a little too well mace"
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  24. 4 days a week and every now and then i throw an extra day in there just for cardio

  25. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    we have a pretty potent pre-workout energy matrix hitting the market very soon.
    It sounds like you're working on something that enhances recovery. Good deal. I'm on a 6 day workout cycle (the 6th day is a 12 mi run) -- recovery is the toughest part of my training. Awake, I eat every 2 hours (usually in the form of a protein shake) and I try to sleep at-least 8 hours -- but I never fully recover until I force myself to take 2-3 days off when my body hits the failure point (that's about once every 5 weeks) - bro, I'd give anything to stop giving up days and still building up! :squat::squat::squat::squat::s quat::squat:
  26. Never enough
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    man that sounds rough i'm closing in on that tho. I took a 4 day a week program, and i've shrank it to 3 days, and do it now in 5 day rotations with the 2 days off split, and i'm considering dropping one of the off days. I'm just not sure if 4 days is quite enough for me to have muscle recovery. I can always try it
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  27. Three times per week. Full body.
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  28. 6 days a week, rest for the 7th... Kinda' like God!

  29. 6x a week.

  30. I put 2, but really it varies alot, but I do 2 day a week full body strength programs fairly often.

  31. 26 more.............
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  32. Presurgery I was working out about 4, now I can not workout for the next two weeks.

  33. I workout 6 days a week, 4 days in the gym, then 2 days cardio

  34. 23 votes to go... We're gonna make it! ( I hope I didn't jinx it lol)

  35. I have a membership at the local golds, and we have a somewhat decent gym at work. So I get to golds on evenings I dont have my daughter, and at least one day of the weekend, and I use the gym at work when I wont be able to get to golds. So it comes out to 5 times a week.

  36. I voted 3 because I lift 3x/wk. But I also do 2 days of cardio/abs/lower back.

  37. about 5 days/week.
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  38. 20 votes to go, c'mon AM!

  39. Does it count if I change my vote to I'm now working out 5-6 days on cycle!
  40. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Does it count if I change my vote to I'm now working out 5-6 days on cycle!
    How funny, I was thinking the same thing, as i'm about to drop one of my rest days
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