Help Name the New AX preworkout.

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  1. Anabolic PheoniX
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  2. Controlled Aggression
    Bottled Lightning
    Whoop AX (as in can 'o Anabolic Xcellerator)

  3. Kicks Ax

  4. Zombie no more

  5. Anabolic Vigor

  6. Anabolic Lightning
    Anabolic Rush
    Anabolic Intensity
    Panty Dropper 2000

  7. Stimulant paX

    with the label design putting emphasis on the stimulant and the X

    damn i got a sick ass idea i could sho if i had adobe illustrator but i only have photochop 7.0 i think.... ill check and see if i cant throw a rough one together

  8. Adrenaline PAX

  9. vaso pax

  10. ya no illustrator and doing logos is a pain in 7.0 without the right plugins..... ohwell.

  11. Pax Attax

  12. AX grinder

  13. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    AX to Grind
    hmmm preeeeetty close......

  14. oops didnt see that one

  15. Swell Up

  16. mAXed pAX
    AXle rush

  17. CrackerJAX

  18. rAge Xtreme
    rAge Xs
    rAge eXcess
    Rage PAX

  19. AXcohol

  20. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    Axaholic Shots

    Shot Pax

    beat ya.
    Last edited by poopypants; 12-12-2007 at 11:37 PM.

  21. Nuclear-AX







  22. So will you guys PM me once you decide I won? Just askin.

    Recent log:

  23. anabolic destruction
    inferno xtreme
    anabolic mass
    prime fury
    mental muscle
    anabrolic fury
    anabrolic destruction
    anabrolic xtreme
    anabrolic mass
    anabrolic muscle
    primal fury

  24. distruXion
    Xtreme Measures
    Power pAX

  25. AXceler8 Drive,focus,power

  26. AXphetamine

  27. SuperpAX

    OperAtion Xtreme

    Pitbull pAX

    Focal Fury

  28. Xbuterol

  29. Brawn Vigilance

    Tumultus Compleo


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