Who has the best pre workout stack?!

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  1. I'm at work and don't have a picture but this is what I've been doing

    -Arc Reactor by Granite supps (gotta weigh it out cause a full scoop is only 17g and a full serving is close to 24g)
    -Blood Rush by Centurion Labz
    -2.5mg to 5mg of Yohimbine HCL by True Nutrition
    -A dash of salt

  2. Quote Originally Posted by The Solution View Post

    1g agmatine
    4g Peak02
    Hydra charge
    Vasoblitz? What happened to ghost pump or primeval labs pumo

  3. I will be running Radiate upcoming new formula,and Vasoblitz!
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by 00A View Post
    Vasoblitz? What happened to ghost pump or primeval labs pumo
    I have all 3, is there a problem with using different products on the market? I can guarantee you do the same.
    What is wrong with Vasoblitz besides its a very well dosed product and tastes great @BUILDFASTFORM
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  5. Winner:

    The solution, PM me your info
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  6. Congrats bro!


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