USPlabs is looking for VitamerPRO testers TODAY! Get in here...

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  1. USPlabs is looking for VitamerPRO testers TODAY! Get in here...

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    Let's do this! We're looking for a gang of testers (male and female) for our incredible new Multi-Vitamin release, VitamerPRO!


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    Testers will be selected Monday, 6/4. All you have to do is read the write up below and give your feelings on it - constructive and critical criticism is welcome! Can you agree to that?

    Every response is an entry - we'll select 10 winners to receive free VitamerPRO PLUS a few for something VERY special.......

    If you're 18+, shipping to US only, and ready to do this up... Post up HERE!

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  2. I have rotated between Animal Pak and Controlled Labs multi for the past 3 years.
    Current diet has been a 3 year journey. Have lost over 90lbs. Current weight 205, current goal 190. Diet is based on a 40/40/20 split. Workouts, 5 days a week. Multiple workouts, some days full body, some days single muscle group, and some days hitt/cardio. Abs/cardio every workout. . My channel would be right here on AM as I do no other social media. Will log minimum 5 days a week if need be.

    BOSSMAN'S First supplement log on AM

  3. Keep Reading To Learn More...

    "WHY DO I WANT 200%, 500%, 1,000% OR MORE IN MY MULTI?"
    Dear Barbell Club Member,

    It’s well established that you should always try to get your nutrients – including vitamins & minerals – from whole foods…

    However, for most, that simply isn’t realistic 100% of the time…

    You likely do what many smart fitness & health conscious folks do – Try your best to eat right and take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement as “insurance” to fill in any possible gaps…

    But, have you ever really thought about how you choose your multi?

    The cheapest because it’s “better than nothing”?
    The one with “high potency? (Emerging research is now telling us this may NOT be the proper long-term strategy, read on…)
    The best “profile”?
    The multi the online shopping cart tells you to use when you’re checking out?
    All of the above
    Whatever your multi priorities are, what you’re about to read may help your future decisions…

    We had trouble finding a multi on the market that we wanted to use…so, we developed two!

    They're called Vitamer PRO™ and Vitamer PRO Hers. The formulas are based upon countless hours of R & D and review of emerging research…

    When you sit back and think about it, multi’s are the most consumed supplement, yet, quite often, the least scrutinized…

    It’s time for a deep dive into the supplement you take every day…

    Up until this point, the majority of Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Formulations touted an insanely high amount of specific ingredients - sometimes in the 1,000’s % of RDA…

    Is More Even Better?

    While these large numbers certainly sound good (“If some is good, more must be better – right?”), science is starting to tell us that may be wrong when it comes to micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and potentially single vitamers…

    It’s incorrect to think taking any multi – especially one containing obscenely high amounts of individual vitamins - can replace a good diet consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables…

    No multi can do that…

    The question you need to ask yourself is…

    Does My Multi Complement My Diet Without Creating Problems?

    Vitamer PRO™ was formulated to support you during times…

    When your nutrient intake from food is on the lower end - It can help you get closer to or within acceptable ranges of daily requirements for most of the nutrients it contains.
    Of higher nutrient intake from food - It can help round out your micro-nutrient intake without putting you at super high intake levels that may cause problems.
    In other words – the goal of Vitamer PRO™ is to adjust to your lifestyle as multi's were originally intended to do!

    While you may have a daily routine, certainly your life changes from week to week, month to month and year to year…

    You eat more of certain foods at different times and also face additional challenges (often without warning)…

    Your body is always trying to adapt so shouldn’t your multi help support your lifestyle instead of just throwing gasoline on the fire, so to speak, by providing a heaping amount of a few select vitamins and/or minerals?

    OK, so it’s very clear by now we feel, based on the research we reviewed, that a proper multi should have amounts of various vitamins and minerals that allow you to stay within an acceptable range of intake without insanely high amounts of any one particular vitamin or mineral…

    Now, on to phase 2…

    This is where Vitamer Pro™ REALLY separates itself with great vitamin sources and specific Quantified Vitamers…

    Vitamin & Vitamers

    The word vitamin is often confused as being a particular molecule, but it is in fact a description of activity…

    Vitamers are the molecules which have that activity…

    In other words, vitamers have the vitamin activity or function…

    In recent times d-alpha-tocopherol (notice “d”, no “dl” as the “dl” is nowhere near as common as it once was) seems to be the most widely used form of Vitamin E in multis…

    However, this approach is flawed as just using one vitamer is not how they are consumed in foods and may be creating an imbalance between the vitamers (This is starting to become a theme, isn’t it?)…

    For example, d-alpha-tocopherol has been shown to deplete gamma-tocopherol in plasma and tissues with high consumption (1,2)…

    This is yet another example where consuming one vitamer in excessive quantities may end up doing more harm than good…
    Instead, one should try to consume a mixture of tocopherols, as close as possible to a mixture found in foods…

    This would include consumption of not only alpha and gamma-tocopherol, but beta-* and delta-tocopherol as well…

    For example, a 100 g serving of almonds can contain around 24.3 to 25.87 mg of alpha-tocopherol, < 0.5 mg of beta-tocopherol, 0.89 to 0.98 mg of gamma-tocopherol and < 0.5 mg of delta-tocopherol (3,4).

    Mega-dosing with these vitamers is also a bad choice, as is the case with any vitamin or mineral…

    Instead, we must attempt to truly supplement the diet, not replace or exceed realistic intake levels…

    For example, even those products that contain 200 IU of alpha-tocopherol (equivalent to 134 mg alpha-tocopherol) would require one to consume around three quarters to over 1 lb. of even some of the richest sources of the vitamin, including almonds (4)…

    I don’t know anyone who eats a pound of almonds a day, do you?
    Clearly, even when those people in the U.S. who are in the 90th percentile for vitamin E consumption from food sources are only consuming around 10-11 mg (5,6), supplementing with large doses of vitamin E seems excessive …

    The goal should be to reach an adequate level, not consume excessive quantities that may provide no greater benefit and may actually be harmful…

    Vitamer PRO™ is the only multi we know of that lists how much Gamma-, Delta- and Alpha-Tocopherols it contains!

    It’s likely that you’ve heard beta-carotene being praised, such as early observational data showing an association between high beta-carotene levels and good health, as well as an association between low beta-carotene levels and poor health (7)…

    It was because of this observation that some speculated that supplementing with beta-carotene could produce positive effects upon health…

    Since that early observational data, interventional studies using mega-doses of beta-carotene either failed to show a positive benefit or, in some instances, showed detrimental effects upon health which some scientists have indicated may be a result of the excessively high doses used in such studies (7)…

    While such results are not definitive, we again believe it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid using excessively high amounts of beta-carotene...

    Yet, another example of more NOT necessarily being better…
    Aside from the notion that high carotenoid (and other micronutrients) plasma levels may simply be a marker of good health (e.g., indicative of high consumption of fruits and vegetables and perhaps associated with other positive lifestyle factors), rather than the cause of it, some have also hypothesized that this discrepancy may be due to the high doses of beta-carotene used, possibly causing suppression of other carotenoid levels in tissues (7,8)…

    Clearly, it doesn't appear to be optimal for your daily multi to contain obscenely high amounts…

    Luckily, Vitamer PRO™ has you covered…
    Eating foods like fruits and vegetables provides carotenoids in a mixed fashion, with several, not simply one such as beta-carotene (9,10)…

    While nothing will replace the consumption of fruits and vegetables, a multi-vitamin should attempt to be representative of what is found in healthful foods…

    For example, a carrot contains beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein (9)…

    When it comes to a multi-vitamin/mineral formula, it’s just as important to include supplemental amounts that are helpful for those that may not eat the best diet, yet this formula shouldn’t contain excessive quantities which could be harmful…

    Vitamer PRO™ includes beta and alpha carotene as well as lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene!
    A Good Multi Should Be Graded On What It Has, But Also On What It Doesn’t Have

    Vitamer PRO™ chooses to exclude chromium in the formulation as the available data indicate that net chromium balance is maintained with exercise, because while an increase chromium excretion is seen, a compensatory increase in absorption also occurs (11)…

    In addition, some scientists have expressed concern that the form of chromium used in supplements may lead to accumulation in the body, while others have noted that it may possess potential genotoxic effects (12-14)…

    Furthermore, some scientists have called into question the entire notion that chromium is an essential trace element for humans, arguing that such a notion is based upon flawed animal data (15-18)…


    Vitamer PRO™ does not include iron in its men’s formulation as the average intake for individuals in the U.S. generally exceeds the recommended intake level for men while even those in the lower percentiles may still meet requirements or consume close to or slightly less than the recommended intake level depending upon the survey analyzed (5,6)…

    Furthermore, the lack of evidence showing a need for iron supplementation in resistance training men and the potential for increased risk of certain diseases with excessive iron intake, led us to conclude that supplemental iron wasn’t a proper addition to a men’s multivitamin formula (19-24)…

    While exercise training is known to reduce serum ferritin (blood iron) levels in men with normal levels, levels generally still remain in the normal range (19)…

    In addition, a recent study found that in recreationally active men, a 37 mg dose of elemental iron led to greater oxidative stress from exercise-induced muscle damage (25)…

    Iron & Women

    With respect to women who menstruate regularly and thus lose blood regularly, they may benefit from a reasonable amount of iron included in a multivitamin/mineral supplement, especially when considering their higher iron requirements compared to men (24)…

    While a diet rich in iron is always preferable to supplementation, some may not consume sufficient quantities…

    This is why iron is included in Vitamer PRO™ for Women…

    It’s important to note that because different variables can alter iron status, women using any iron-containing supplement should be monitored regularly by their physician to determine the adequacy of iron intake (21,24,26,27)…

    Why Doesn’t Vitamer PRO™ Contain Calcium?
    While some individuals could use additional calcium in their diet, Vitamer PRO™ doesn’t include supplemental calcium (with the exception of very small amounts of calcium salt for some vitamins in the formula) as there has recently been some controversy in the scientific community as to whether or not supplemental calcium is a proper choice for everyone…

    Therefore, until this matter is cleared up, individuals not currently meeting the RDA for calcium should discuss with their physician…

    “I’m An Athlete - I Workout A Lot So I Want Very High Amounts Of Vitamins To Replace What I Sweat Out!”
    While it’s true that some vitamin and mineral losses can occur in the sweat, these amounts are often rather small and do not justify using mega-doses of vitamins and minerals…

    Vitamin B6 makes for an excellent example, as many multi-vitamin products on the market have very large quantities of this vitamin…

    Yet, even in athletes who have run a marathon only lost an average of approximately 1 mg! (28)

    Thus, very little is needed to replace possible losses even from extremely exhaustive exercise and doesn’t warrant mega-dosing…

    Similar results have been shown for various elements including zinc, iron and copper, where sweat losses are typically only a small percentage of the RDA (29-31).

    The research simply doesn’t support the need for athletes to consume extra vitamins & minerals if they’re on a well-balanced diet with sufficient calories (32)…

    Large quantities of vitamins/minerals do not seem to impart any benefit with respect to exercise performance when compared with a normal intake (32)…

    Furthermore, while not a universal finding (33), excessive intakes of some vitamins may actually reduce some of the adaptive effects of exercise, although some have characterized these effects as “minimal” (34)...

    It appears that whether such supplementation, helps, hinders or does neither may depend upon many variables such as the type of training and the individual...

    Nonetheless, the chronic consumption of a high-dose of some antioxidant vitamins (e.g., in a multivitamin) for all individuals without any other consideration is unwarranted...

    Experts have generally recommended against such supplementation and have instead recommended the consumption of antioxidant rich foods (33,35)…

    Top 5 Reasons Why Vitamer PRO™ Should Be Your Multi
    1. Amounts Based On Estimated Intake Levels

    The goal is to help support you to get in or closer to range for most nutrients (that it contains) if you’re low and not send you skyrocketing over range if you’re already there.
    2. Quantified Vitamers

    3. No Iron (for men), Chromium or Calcium

    Vitamer PRO™ is good for what it doesn’t contain as well as for what it does contain.
    4. Simple To Take - 3 capsules per day for men – 2 for women!

    No horse pills or packs of pills!
    5. No Haphazard Mega-Dosing

    Yes, the research is in its early stages, but why take the risk?
    As you’re certainly aware, you can buy a very cheap multi or you can buy a premium, higher-cost multi…

    Heck, you can buy just about everything in between as well!

    …Clearly, Vitamer PRO™ was not developed to be a cheap “throw-in” multi…

    However, we wanted to develop the best possible multi we could without breaking the bank…

    The product was developed with the following idea in mind…

    “A Buck A Day”

    We figured that you’d gladly pay $1 a day for a “smart” multi, especially after learning what the mega-dose “bull-in-a-china-shop” multi’s may be doing to your body…

    Each bottle of Vitamer PRO™ is a 30-day supply…

    It’s easy to take at just 3 capsules per day for men and 2 capsules per day for women…

    No horse pills, no huge packs of pills, no nasty teeth-staining powders…

    P.S. Seriously, ask “WHY such high amounts?” – The only science you’ll get is bro-science…

    P.P.S. If you take even one more serving of your current “High Potency” multi then you clearly haven’t read a single word of this letter!

    P.P.P.S. Why no MK-4 you ask? Well, for several reasons…

    First, vitamin K1, the vitamer found in plants, is less likely to be consumed in the diet if one isn’t consuming a diet which has sufficient intake of vegetables. MK-4, on the other hand is commonly found in various foods, and even in diets of those who don’t consume a proper diet…

    For example, MK-4 is found at concentrations of 10.6 mcg per 100 g of chicken nuggets. That's right, chicken nuggets...

    It’s also found in cheddar cheese and whole fried eggs at 10.2 and 9 mcg/100 grams, respectively. Barbecued chicken contains around 22.1 mcg/100 grams (36).

    Second, There’s No Relevant Data Regarding Testosterone Production

    Some manufacturers have begun using MK-4 as a source of vitamin K, claiming it may help boost testosterone levels in men based upon a study in rats…

    The problem is that the amount used in the study would likely require very high milligram quantities (37)…

    No multivitamin product on the market would likely contain sufficient quantities for this to be feasible in humans. In addition, the study required in vitro concentrations in the high micromolar range, whereas human bioavailability studies failed to show any detectable level of MK-4 after a 420 mcg serving was consumed (38).

    Why No Molybdenum?

    Available data indicate that most individuals in the United States already consume more than enough molybdenum than is required for essential functions, making supplementation unnecessary (39).

    Why no Boron?

    We do not include boron because as noted by the Institute of Medicine, it is not considered an essential nutrient as there “has yet to establish a clear biological function for boron in humans.” (40).

    *While the raw material used for the mixed tocopherols in the formula should contain beta-tocopherol, the amount in Vitamer PRO would likely be extremely small and thus it is not quantified.


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    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  4. Currently running a log during my improvement season so of course eating lots of whole nutrient dense foods. Recently I have had food intolerance issues and have been unable to eat some of those wonderful whole foods such as whole eggs, bananas, blueberries, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, lettuce, spinach etc. My main focus would be able to find a product that is the best bang for my buck.

    Very unique that you developed two multi’s vitamins. I agree that sometimes more isn’t always better; I don’t need my body to be filled with random useless things that I can get through most whole foods because really you just piss it out right?

    I currently have been wondering if anything I am taking could be causing GI issues so anything that I am taking I want to be the best. I also find many veggies cause fullness which I cant have on 350g carb eating protocol. Wouldn’t mind test driving this and seeing how I feel and I appreciate the difference with iron for us females. Hit the nail on the head!!!!
    .:Share your energy where it’s appreciated:.
    Follow my journey -> IG: kelseyjfit
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  5. anxious to see some reviews on this. I am always looking for a new multi.

  6. I actually think it looks really solid. No critiques here!
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  7. I was gonna reach out to you guys online just to say after reading the post b4 the launch I was really impressed by all the research that went into this and freely provided to. That is something we as a supplement producing/consuming community need to do more of. Pretty much all the respectable companies will provide the documentation if u ask but u guys just dropped it all on our knowledge craving laps. And really those In the know, know u guys populate the industry with the highest quality of supplements. But adding the references up front was awesome to see. Kudos. I wanted to get in on that intro but unfortunately cash flow sux as usual. But I know I’ll be driving down vitamer lane once I finish this bottle of “embarrassed to name now” multi. Would’ve been nice to snag that big stack though.
    Use code RUTHERFORD30 to save 30%

  8. I don't use a Multi Vitamin, as I believe I get sufficient from food.
    Minerals I do supplement on -and off.

    Would test it to see if I can feel benefits -but beware, I'm skeptical and my review would be as honest as it gets.
    Life is fair it's your expectations that aren't.

  9. I always take my multi daily so defiantly in to try something new from a stellar company.
    First I’m really glad you did a male and female version since our bodies needs are different in so many ways. Another great thing is only 3 pills a day. The one I am taking now is 7 pills then fish oil and every thing else I feel like a walking pharmacy with all these pills in a ziplock. Where the vitamins come from too is a huge importance in potency and absorption and looking over the label (slightly blurry on mobile) I’m loving everything that I see. Would love to give this a try and say my honest feedback.
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  10. In on this! I use to take controlled labs orange triad religiously, for years. Fast forward 7 years, and now with 6 children, I'm lucky if I can afford to buy Walmart vitamins lol. I did buy a bottle of ON vitamins a couple months ago, seemed OK nothing special. I'd love to give yalls a nice run. I'll be on vacation with my family for the first time ever(could never afford to go on one) on the day yall pick a winner. Would love to see my name pop up as I check the AM forums from the beach! Props to usplabs and whoever gets these. I'm just happy to be a member of such a generous forum with sponsors who show they truly care about the community

  11. Haven't used a multi in forever. Always down to add in a USP backed supp and see what, if any, benefit it might have to offer.

  12. Always looking for the latest and greatest. Currently using orange triad and been using this multi for the pst 3 years. Before orange triad was opti men for as long as I can remember. I’m a fan of usplabs products. Pick me!!

  13. Ooh. I'm interested. I love USPLabs products and take multi vitamins every day. I'm using Optimen right now and would love to try something better. Lol.
    "At the water's edge, I bowed my head to drink, only to drown.
    Retrace, then return. Time won't take us back.""

  14. You can count me in!

  15. I'll throw my hat in. I normally use OTC vitamins, like Centrum, but i know these aren't really made for guys working out. I'm currently on a cut, training 5 days a week. I'm also starting to do cardio in the mornings now. My current weight is 210, looking to get that down to around 205 and lean out. I am currently running Dermacrine, i'm in week 2 of an 8 week run.

  16. This is a great looking profile for a multivitamin! Finally with all the active forms of the B vitamins. I also like the additions of the vitamin E you guys used plus having some nice extracts in the product too. Nice job!

    I would love to be a tester for you!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ELROCK View Post
    This is a great looking profile for a multivitamin! Finally with all the active forms of the B vitamins. I also like the additions of the vitamin E you guys used plus having some nice extracts in the product too. Nice job!

    I would love to be a tester for you!
    Not only have the Vitamin E vitamers, we quantify them! No one does it because it's expensive..

  18. Vitamin bump* set* spike*

  19. Quote Originally Posted by ELROCK View Post
    This is a great looking profile for a multivitamin! Finally with all the active forms of the B vitamins. I also like the additions of the vitamin E you guys used plus having some nice extracts in the product too. Nice job!

    I would love to be a tester for you!
    Let’s get this party going, Winner number 1! Please PM me your name and shipping information.

    Let’s keep this thread going!
    USPLabs Content and Community Assistant

  20. Looks like a good solid formula to me, I love the Vitamin C and Zinc content I believe these are very important, especially during cold and flu season.

    Use Code 'Rocket5' for 5% off at

  21. Keep this going for a great company
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  22. Interesting formulation. Why no chelated minerals?

  23. Since going on keto I will love to test USPlabs VitamerPro!

    It’s a challenge to get in all my vits n bits!

    I’ll give an honest review.
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by justhere4comm View Post
    Since going on keto I will love to test USPlabs VitamerPro!

    It’s a challenge to get in all my vits n bits!

    I’ll give an honest review.
    Let’s do another winner tonight! Congratulations please DM name and address to claim your prize.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by Colby.Strunk View Post
    Let’s do another winner tonight! Congratulations please DM name and address to claim your prize.
    Oh heck yeah!!! DM sent!!!

    Follidrone 2.0 | Vector | Letrone | Rebirth | Exotherm | Nootrol | Viron | Prolactrone +
    15% code: MARK15 Want to know more?


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