White Flood Classic: Nostalgia Contest

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    White Flood Classic


    Raspberry Lemonade – This is a spin off the OG Electric Lemonade. I personally had that and the watermelon when WF was first released, but I find this the best flavor of the bunch. The lemonade is subtle compared to the sweet and refreshing raspberry flavoring of the pre-workout. The lemonade packs a sweet aftertaste and the raspberry has a pure flavoring that gives you an exotic combination. Very refreshing and enjoyable as CL is very good with their flavoring.


    Just like all CL Products it mixes with ease. The powder is very fine and leaves no residue in your shaker cup. 10-15 shakes and this was totally dissolved in 8-10oz of water. Between PW, Green Mag, and their protein powders I have never had one issue in mixing any of their products. Even the OG White Flood mixed with ease when I did have it way back in the day.


    Besides the massive prop blends here are a few things to look for:
    BA @ 1.7g which is a half dose of BA For Performance/Endurance
    Caffeine @ 250mg (Stim)
    Theobromine (Nootropic for Focus)
    Huperzine A (Nootropic for Focus)
    COQ10 (Energy & Recovery)


    $24.99 for 30 Servings which is under $1 a pop. For bringing back an OG classic that is very affordable for a pre-workout on the market. While this may be more of a nostalgia based product its still a great bang for your buck. The effects are just as good as the OG White Flood and if you are a CL Fan this is something you will want to grab again. Especially if you were a fan of it during the first run.

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    I made this in the Store for you to place your reviews:

    White Flood Classic
    @Hyde @Sean1332 hopefully this helps for people logging & for the giveaways!
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  3. Very good helpful posts, Solution! Thank you very much
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