APS Mesomorph Giveaway - FIGHT OF THE CENTURY

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  1. APS Mesomorph Giveaway - FIGHT OF THE CENTURY

    Fight of the Century Promo
    Mayweather vs McGregor

    1. US Addresses Only
    2. 100+ Posts
    3. Must leave review on AM and 2 AM approved sites

    How To Win:
    All you have to do is guess who will win the Fight of the Century (Mayweather or McGregor), how they will win (Knockout, TKO, Decision, Disqualification or No Contest) and the round that it will occur in (First Round, Second Round, Full Fight/Decision, etc.)

    So please get your guesses in now for a chance to win! I will announce the winners once the fight is over.

    We will be selecting 5 winners and if you’re exactly right, you will win. If we do not have 5 exact right guesses, we will take the posters who have the correct winner and the correct form of how they won (Knockout, TKO, etc.). If we still need to narrow it down further, we will run it through a random number generator.

    Lead iForce Nutrition Representative

  2. Mayweather 1st round ko
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  3. Mayweather round 4 tko

  4. Mayweather round 5 tko

  5. Mayweather full fight decision

  6. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar

    Mayweather 4th round TKO
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  7. Sweet contest
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  8. Conor rd 3 ko
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  9. Mc Gregor will win 1st round KO

  10. maywhether...5th round knockout

  11. Mayweather 4th round DQ
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  12. Mayweather 5th rd tko
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra


  13. Mayweather decision

  14. Mayweather 3rd round KO

  15. Mayweather by decision

  16. Floyd toys with conor the 1st 4 rounds making him miss and look foolish while landing pot shots...

    by the 5th round conor is pissed, he grapples Floyd to the mat, puts him in a leg hold and starts throwing elbows...the corners rush into the ring and break it up...the referee declares Floyd the winner by disqualification with 1:20 left in 5th round.

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  17. Bumping this up!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  18. Mayweather with decision .

  19. All, please note I updated the request for reviews to include 2 AM approved sites
    Lead iForce Nutrition Representative

  20. Conor is DQ'd in the 5th
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by dougefresh93 View Post
    Conor is DQ'd in the 5th
    see post #16

    I like how you think, lol.

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  22. Conor wins ko 5th
  23. APS Mesomorph Giveaway - FIGHT OF THE CENTURY

    Connor decision

  24. 10th round TKO, Mayweather

  25. Quote Originally Posted by The Solution View Post
    Entering after the fight ends? ......
    Yep , looks like it.


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