Giving some Titan to the Titans !!! Get in here ! 3 lucky winners

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  1. Giving some Titan to the Titans !!! Get in here ! 3 lucky winners

    What's up guys!!! Chaos and Pain told me to keep giving sh1t away so 3 of you lucky people are getting a tub of Titan our newest Preworkout !

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    You guys know what we want ! Join our newsletter and enjoy this !!

    “You can use your pre-workout as a fat burner?” – Asked daily

    Well, can you use your pre-workout as a fat burner? Absolutely…. If it has the right ingredients. And that is why we told The Bathtub Chemist to whip up a thermogenic, fat burning, energizing pre-workout formula. I don’t think we realized what we were asking for.

    Enter Titan!!

    Titan comes equipped with just the right amount of lactic acid buffering Beta Alanine, alongside several potent pump inducing, energy blasting, fat burning thermogenic ingredients. Because this combination of ingredients was so effectively potent, we were forced to release Titan under the Olympus Series.

    “You down with COP??
    Yeah you know me!!”

    Ever heard of Creatine-O-Phosphate? Going forward, to make things faster and more efficient, we will refer to Creatine-O-Phosphate as COP. COP (see, it’s already working) is a form of creatine that is highly absorbable and has been clinically proven to increase time under tension of working muscles. If your muscles work longer with more weight, they will adapt by growing and getting stronger!!

    I miss Ephedra…

    If you were around during the good old days, then you know what I’m talking about. Ephedra was Da Bomb!! But why was Ephedra so awesome??
    I’m glad you asked!! Ephedra was a beta adrenergic receptor agonists. In other words, it liked to stimulate the beta receptors that are found on fat cells. When the receptors are stimulated, fat is released to be burned for energy.

    Is there anything that works like Ephedra?

    Yes! Halostachine is a beta adrenergic receptor agonists, just like Ephedra!! And when the beta receptors are stimulated, caffeine and Theobromine tend to have an ENHANCED effect.

    Is there a way to make the buzz last longer and feel better?

    We wanted Titan to give you long lasting energy without a crash. Glucoronolactone was added to make sure that the benefits from all of the stimulants in every scoop of Titan last even LONGER!!
    But that’s not all….
    Yerba Mate was added to give a smooth, controlled energy burst with a hint of fat burning on the side.

    How long can you use Titan?

    If used strictly as a pre-workout, we recommend cycles of 8-12 weeks for maximum performance.
    If using for fat burning purposes, we recommend cycles of 4-8 weeks, with a minimum of one serving per day. Take before workouts and cardio. On non-workout days, take in the morning, or sip throughout the day for an energized treat!

    Can Titan be stacked with anything else?

    Yes! Titan goes great with any fat burner! Just use Titan in place of one of your daily fat burner doses.
    For increased workout performance, Titan stacks well with Mercury.
    For increased thermogenesis, Titan stacks well with Cannibal Claw, Cannibal Carnage, and ********.

    Click here for more info on these potent thermogenics.

    For a truly anabolic experience, stack Titan with Chemical One! Click here now for more info on Chemical One.
    Can the Awesomeness get any better?

    Yes! Don’t forget about the 6g of skin splitting pump ingredients!!
    The pump is all about blood flow, making sure nutrient delivery and waste removal cellular process are improved, and making you look as BIG as F**K!! Citrulline starts the process, hands the baton off to Arginine, and crosses the finish line with good old reliable Creatine Monohydrate, the #1 hydrating recovery supplement ingredient of all time!!

    Are you ready to be a Titan??
    Alpha20 - Chaos and Pain 20% off your order today.
    PM with any questions bros!

  2. I want to be an Iron TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hell yeahi want some of this sh1t right here


    I'm in and am down to climb Olympus!

    Solid products bro.

  5. Never tried halostachine. I like that's there's no yohimbe. This looks like it would be awesome for long workouts!!
    AgeForce Rep

  6. Let's add this in to my already full cabinet of pre's. I just can't seem to find one that's just right

  7. Titan for a @FireTitan?
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  8. Original Jack3d had me like.. .

    .. but since the ban nothing has come close aside from Mr. Hyde but that's mostly caffeine I need something new to be hooked on

  9. So down for this just got chaos and pain hypnos and loving it

  10. Its like its made for me!! This guy here needs some of that! Already joined the newsletter and loved me some Cannibal Riot and Permaswole!!! Would love to give this some love...after did say Titan for a Titan!!!!
    Use rep code "FireTitan"
    [email protected]

  11. I'm so in on this!!

  12. You guys are awesome! Would love to give this pwo a try.

  13. This looks pretty good. Count me in!

  14. Is this a logging opportunity or a review ??

    Use Code 'Rocket5' for 5% off at

  15. You had me at like ephedra. I'm in.

  16. That is one stacked formula. This certainly isn't a 2 scooper type of pre-workout lol.

    I think I would probably start with half a scoop to be safe lol
    Chemical Engineer and Canfitpro Certified personal trainer

  17. Name:  yesss.jpg
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    Me right after PWO!

  18. IN! This is such a stacked and properly dosed PW!!!

  19. all in for this hit me up!

  20. Plenty of love in here already man! Haha Whatupppp guys get them in get them in so we can give these away to you!
    @Rocket3015 this is a straight up giveaway ! All we ask is that u join the newsletter and post in here !
    Alpha20 - Chaos and Pain 20% off your order today.
    PM with any questions bros!

  21. Yeah stoked for this, everything from pain and chaos that I have tried I have enjoyed!!!

  22. I would Love to try this and post a full review !!

    Use Code 'Rocket5' for 5% off at

  23. Name:  attack-on-titan-opening-230355.jpg
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    I'm ready to become a titan

  24. Having been recently laid off and no supp budget I need some of this lol


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