APS Mesomorph Giveaway! 5 Tubs Up For Grabs!

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  1. APS Mesomorph Giveaway! 5 Tubs Up For Grabs!


    We're giving away 5 Tubs of APS Mesomorph and want to know what PRs you are looking to hit this month or next! I'm not sure about everyone else, but I like to save my DMAA pre-workotus for those heavy days where I need that extra edge. Mesomorph delivers that strong kick in the ass we sometimes need to get that heavy weight moving.

    So, in order to enter to win, just tell us what PR you are looking to set this month or next!


    1. Final review in the Anabolicminds Supplement Review section
    2. 18+ years of age
    3. USA shipping addresses only

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  2. 230 pound triceps press down for 10 reps - Currently at 205

    325 bench press - Currently at 295

    Body weight pull ups (I can't seem to get more than 3 up and down)

    Weighted dips (45)
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  3. Trying to get my deadlift back. Looking for 450 deadlift, 270 t bar row and 250 bench. All next month. Bring it on!!!

    Plus I've never even tried meso so that placebo effect would ridiculous.

  4. Looking to hit a 275 bench next month.

  5. Hoping to add 20-50lbs to my hi rep Hammer decline. I've been sitting at 3 plates per side while upping the reps. Hoping to add at least 10lb per side while hoping for 20-25 additional per side

  6. APS Mesomorph Giveaway! 5 Tubs Up For Grabs!

    Looking to hit 470 lb squat this month. I've been gradually pushing myself to develop myself in weak areas and being as tall as I am squats have always been a weakness. Starting to get excited about squat day.

    --edit what's the fruitty flavor? Tutti fruity? That one was my fav Meso favor

  7. Looking for a 245-250 bench press and a 275 front squat
  8. APS Mesomorph Giveaway! 5 Tubs Up For Grabs!

    I'm am trying for a 550 SQUAT PR. Next month. Hit a 525 two weeks ago....current PR
  9. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    450 Squat (Already Hit 405 x 2)
    355 Bench (Hit 340x1)
    450 Deadlift. (Hit 405x2)

    While keeping Bodyweight under 170.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  10. Looking for a 355 bench (335 now) and a 535 squat (505). Deadlift isn't my strongest lol so we will leave that out for now

  11. Looking to join the 500 club in deadlift.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by deuceswild72 View Post
    Looking to join the 500 club in deadlift.
    Nice dude. I remember when I first hit 500+ on DL. It's a good feelin
  13. APS Mesomorph Giveaway! 5 Tubs Up For Grabs!

    225 bench and squat 8x8, would be awesome. I am definitely a little behind, but working very hard to meet those PR's

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Mrbolt84 View Post
    Nice dude. I remember when I first hit 500+ on DL. It's a good feelin
    Yea it is. Those little 2.5s on the ends look silly with all those 45s though. Lol

  15. Break past my 3 plate deadlift plateau, but most importantly at least do 20 clean pullups HAHA

  16. To get at least 6 clean pull-ups with 50lbs added

  17. 30 reps 1 set hand stand push-ups. Current PR is 25
  18. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Very cool promo!

    Mine isn't anything ground-breaking -- between my hip imbalance stemming from a blown hammy 6 years ago, a pinched nerve about a year ago, and now a sprained left wrist, my bench has just suffered (as have all presses, really).

    I used to push 365x5 back in 2010, but right now I'm looking to get back over 300 (300x6x3) for the first time in years.

    Got back up to 290x6x3, but have been treading water the past month with the wrist. So I'm hopeful to break the threshold within the next 4-6 weeks.
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  19. I was out of commission for a bit last year and lost some strength while gaining some fat.

    I'm quickly approaching my old levels and hope to surpass them.

    I'm hoping to nail a 450 (at least) Deadlift, in a couple of weeks. I also want to hit a 225 Front Squat (Squat and Bench have always lagged) and at least a 250 Bench. I'm pretty close on Front Squat, and not too far on Bench. Haven't tested actual maxes since I started back.

    It would also be nice to nail a 185 Standing Overhead Press, but that might be a while, LOL.
  20. APS Mesomorph Giveaway! 5 Tubs Up For Grabs!

    I'd like to add a 5, to each side of my 65# 'squat rack curl'...bro! .....Just kidding

    I was making great progress on my deadlift and due to bad programming on my part, I ended up straining my lower back, most likely from over use...

    Well tonight, 1/24, was the first night back deadlifting and I hit 255# for 5, 4, 3...Which is a far cry from my '315 for 5 PR' a month ago....Im just happy I rehabbed my injury from knowledge of this forum, YouTube video's etc....It's good to be back DL'ing, I've definitely seen my physique suffer somewhat in the last month, and I'm hungry to get those gains again!

    P.S., read all yalls posts, and I'm feeling weak as ****!...Lol

  21. Bump
    Whatcha Gonna Do....When Manimal-Mania RUNS WILD...ON YOUUUU?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by blueline438 View Post
    Yea it is. Those little 2.5s on the ends look silly with all those 45s though. Lol
    lol they really do, but mentally, they might as well be 25s.
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  23. Want to get my deadlift to 2x bodyweight.
    A little difficult as I'm at 1,7 now.

  24. avondale, AZ here. Im trying to get back to 2 plates on bench currently @185x5 my other PR im trying to hit are as follow:

    bench - @185 goal 225
    military press - @95 goal 135
    squat - @ 225 goal 275
    dead lift - @185 goal 245

    i wanna be able to rep my goals.

  25. Im chasing a 455 deadlift, and a 275 bench. Chasing some cardio prs for runs and erging as well, as Ive found those really raise scores on different military fitness tests. Meso always gets me in the zone...so heres to hopin!


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