LG Sciences New EPIC Concentrate Preworkout. LOGGERS?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by princevince View Post
    would like to log blue raz. in desperate of a pwo, especially it being new, i wouldnt mind running a log here on AM. Will post final video review as well via youtube.
    Well prince, since your in depesparate need of a PWO. Let's let LG Sciences find your go to from now on out. I have you down to try the NEW EPIC Powder Blue Razpberry.. Please PM me your shipping info.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by chzcake01 View Post
    i'll log lemon ice
    chzcake, you got that NEW EPIC Preworkout Powder Lemonade coming to you. This is my favorite flavor of all time man, wont be disappointed. PM me with your shipping details.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mattys4 View Post
    ill log any would prefer liquid though old epic in the oil can shaped containera i thought was great.
    mattys4, this log op is for our NEW EPIC Powder Preworkout Concentrate. It's way stronger than the liquid in my opinion and clean. I have you down for the Lemon is you would like to give it a go. Promise in taste and performance, you wont be disappointed.

  4. Jeremiah, You talking about the old liquid in the oil can. As, this year we put out a New and Improved formula, EPIC Liquid Preworkout. Running off of that famed NEW Pre, we developed this even better concentrate, EPIC Powder Preworkout.

    I got you down for the EPIC Powder Preworkout Lemaonade. Please PM me your shipping info.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Smyly View Post
    I wouldn't mind trying Lemon Ice and I will be willing to do a review on it once I have received it.

    Smyly, looks like your just starting out on Anabolic Minds and I would like to get you setup to log a product. I see you want to try this NEW EPIC Powder Preworkout. I will get you out that awesome Lemonade flavor, please just PM me your shipping details.

  6. What a generous guy. Respect.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by grinnell27 View Post
    Would be Happy to do a video review of the product and also log it here.
    The Lemon Ice sounds amazing! I think with really cold water it would be a really strong lemonade flavour
    Also will add onto the end of review video which product i would like to try.

    I cannot wait to follow along in your log and check out the vid review. You are spot on with the EPIC Powder Preworkout Lemonade flavor and know you wont be disappointed brother. Please PM your shipping details

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lyfetadeath View Post
    Would love to log blue razz and willing to do video and log
    lyftetadeath, looking forward to the log and video review brother. You have an EPIC Powder Preworkout, Blue Raz on it's way to you. Please just PM me your shipping details.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Bboxing94 View Post
    Would love to log lemon ice! First time ever trying a pre workout and this one sounds like the right one.
    Looks like your fairly new to this forum, so lets get you setup in style. One warning if this is your first preworkout, I would only start with one scoop. The EPIC Powder Preworkout, Lemonade is no joke. PM me your shipping details please.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by KillatREX View Post
    Id really love for this to be my first real log for am. I have done tons of others over at other sites!

    I would like to try Lemon Ice and I can put a video review up on here and on youtube!

    Thanks for the chance @LGSciences
    KillatREX, lets get you started brother. You made a great choice with the EPIC Powder Preworkout Lemonade flavor. My favorite PWO so far, taste is amazing! Please PM me your address.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by FF41 View Post
    I am willing to try what ever flavor is left. I can also do a log and video as needed.
    FF41, I got you running EPIC Powder Preworkout, Lemonade. You will love the taste, not to mention the PWO strength. Please PM me with your shipping info.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    I'd like the lemon ice flavor. Something new and flavorful.
    Budman, I got you down for the EPIC Powder Preworkout, Lemonade. You'll not regret this. I look forward to the log and video review.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Fearlessj40 View Post
    I took lg cutting kit lost 16 pounds 10 during and 6 within two weeks after couple weeks later started bulking kit and got two weeks left have put on 7pounds got two weeks left I'd take either flavour and would love to test a new lg product and would post a video no problem
    Fearless, sounds like some great results on the Cutting kit and now heading into a successful Bulk. Hope, we see some product reviews on those two soon. Whats your upcoming goals coming off the Bulking cycle. Have you tried our new Battle Hardener with pBold, 17-Proandro and Form-XT (PCT) in it.

    I will get you out some of the NEW EPIC Powder Preworkout and let me know what else you want to try off the site at LG Sciences. Please PM me your address.

  14. Yay! Congrats guys! Can't wait to follow along on your logs and hear your thoughts!! Please post a link here so we all can follow along!
    The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:28b-29

  15. Quote Originally Posted by MultiVitamin View Post
    Would love to give either flavor a go, but would prefer Blue Razz

    Have ran 10+ logs, and also have a YT channel I'd post review to
    multivitamin, sounds like your ready to go with the NEW EPIC Powder Preworkout, Blue Raz. Please send me a PM with shipping details and I will get everything setup for you.

  16. I'm quite new to this site can you tell me how to private message,uh know it's ridiculous but we are all stool learning

  17. Can you please tell me how to private message thanks

  18. pm sent. thanks again!!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Fearlessj40 View Post
    Can you please tell me how to private message thanks
    click on the user's name and then a menu should appear. private message is one of the choices.

  20. New to Anabolic Minds don't have many posts or much rep power. But would Log the lemon Ice for you can do video if needed.

  21. Tried clicking on name mate but no pm option came up just the persons profile

  22. Hello I'm starting to get sore knees when doing legs any suggestions please

  23. Fearlessj40, if you click my name...LGSciences that's in red. Than, there's an option that says Private Message

  24. PM sent bro, thanks!

  25. I just wanted to let everyone know that was chosen for the contest that the products will be shipping this Friday or sooner. Due to this being a new product, I'm still waiting on some packaging material.

  26. Have you already filled all the slots yet? I've been using c4 for a year straight and would like to try another PWO

    Current review videos

    Cellucor- http://youtu.be/KlCUXLiuuHk


    MRI products




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  27. Few days of form xt left the end of lg science bulking kit I have been upping my protein and started using barley as an added mix I gained 8 pounds in all then the last week well I've got few days left I've begun cutting back on carbs and I'm definately more solid and while on form xt have used creatine and daa also ginkgo biloba I'm thinking of trying pbold next has anyone used this kit yet and could I have some feed back please

  28. Any updates? Have they shipped yet?


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