Controlled Labs is now taking rep applications!

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  1. Controlled Labs is now taking rep applications!

    Please post up if you are interested and let us know what you bring to the table. We are looking to add an additional team member to help with coverage on anabolic minds and other social media.

    reps will be compensated generously.

  2. Age- 24

    [Lifting Experience
    I started lifting when I was in the 7th grade for football and never looked back. I went on to college to play football where lifting played an even higher integral in my development on and off the field. By the end of my college career (Off. Lineman) I weighed 280 lbs, bench over 400, Squat and dead over 500. My entire life of lifting revolved about getting BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER. On my own time I incorporated mostly power lifting and had no real care for any aesthetic purposes.
    When I finished football, I decided it was time for a major change and did not feel the need to be as big as I was. Its now been over a year, I currently weigh 220 and continually working on reaching perfection (which is never ending). The way I train and eat have completely changed, but one thing that has stayed constant is my desire to get better at what my given goal at the time is. I am thinking of doing a physique show by the end of this year.

    What do I offer?

    Fitness in general, has been my passion since I first touched a weight back in junior high. Although I am not a doctor or a scientist, I am fairly educated and enjoy passing as much information to whoever is willing to listen. I spend most of my free time either in the gym or learning more through multiple sources. (even when I'm at work, I do some cyber loafing which is usually on don't tell my boss) I consider myself a researcher, and when it comes to nutrition and supplements, I am continually educating myself on how different things react in the body.

    Why Controlled Labs

    I am quite familiar with the brand, and have personally used several of CL's products. (Purple Wraath, Orange Traid, White Flood). To be honest, I've been looking to become a rep for a company and would feel blessed if given the opportunity to represent Controlled Labs. Unlike some other companies whose representatives name drop and promote their perspective companies out of a "have to" even if their products are bunk, I fully support CL and know that each product can back its claims and deliver real supplemental results.

    Thank you for your time and Best of Luck to everyone else. This is a premier opportunity. If there is anything specific that you would like to know please do not hesitate to ask.

    Notes: please ignore my join date/post count. Although I joined AM back in 2010, I may have posted a total of 4 times before this past September. Posting will not be an issue, I am on AM daily via computer or phone.
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol-

  3. Age: 26 years old

    About me: I've been lifting for 3 years now. I did the typical bodybuilding splits and just wanted to be huge. One of my first preworkouts was OG White Flood. In the past year, I've taken powerlifting seriously. I've competed in 2 meets in drug tested divisions and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. My squat has ranked me (in a 13 way tie) #38 on PowerliftingWatch in the 220 class. I don't consider liftin or "working out" to be a hobby. I train for a sport that I take seriously and gain a lot of self satisfaction from it.

    I enjoy learning from the experienced members here and sharing whatever knowledge I might have. Though I don't have any scientific background, I do know the basics in smart supplementation and am familiar with CL ingredient profiles and will be able to offer effective and appropriate advice in regards to CL products. I deal with the general public on a daily basis at my job, and I feel as if I am in good standings with the community here on AM.

    I'm a consistent poster here on AM and am open to other types of social media if required. I run an active training log and am online almost every day (when my job permits). Just so it doesn't seem like I'm just some guy trying to be a rep for no reason-I've always had something from CL in my stash for the last 3 years. As mentioned, OG White Flood was one of my first preworkouts, after Jack3d and Nano Vapor. The Stim-Free Blue Up was my first test boosting type supplement. Orange Triad has been a consistent supplement along with Green Magnitude. I used to love Purple Wraath, and think it's in the top 10 best tasting powders. Also, White Flood v2 has worked it's way into my top 3 preworkouts.

    CL-I appreciate the opportunity here to help you guys out!
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  4. Glad to see CL is interested in this board (for me the best one when comes to supps) as many brands don't bother to come here and talk about their products

  5. Let's see some good apps! Great company
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  6. Definitely interested in this. I want to start off by asking to please excuse my post count, if not, that's understandable. I've been a long time member/poster on (over 700 posts there). I just recently this week started posting on AM. Again, if my post count hurts my opportunity, that's understandable.

    Some basic info:
    5'10, 195-200ish 12%. 19 years old. Freshman student in college (intend to study kinesiology, nutritionist ideally). I began lifting in 9th grade, same height, but only weighed 125lbs. Over the last ~4ish years I've been absolutely ADDICTED to educating myself about muscle growth/biomechanics, diet/nutrition, recovery, effects of different compounds/supplements to the body, and how all of this works for me personally. I've been on many forums (usually just as a lurker, with being the exception) educating myself daily. Always eager to learn more. It was about 3 months after I began lifting I joined the BB forums and started to learn. Now that I know what I do, there is nothing I enjoy more than to share my knowledge with others. Usually just fam/friends, and some people at my gym who know that I know a thing or two but I love doing it.

    Controlled Labs:
    I would absolutely be honored to represent your company. I've been a long time CL supporter, one of the few companies I actually enjoy giving business to (quality stuff). I especially love WF and GM. All in all I don't think you could go wrong choosing me as a rep. I love educating, and helping others. Again, I really hope that my low post count doesn't interfere with my application, because I have no problem posting every day(multiple times), and I've only began posting here since the 30th. I'm also very active on all 3 of the big social media outlets (facebook, twitter, and Instagram), I can rep on other boards (member on BB, EF, PHF, but again only ever been active on BB), and anything else that would need to be done. Hope to hear back

  7. Tank, wrong section lol. But this is an amazing opportunity, CL is one of my favorite companies

  8. I'd love to join the team, Tank. I had put in my app when you guys had your last opening. What I bring with me is a great knowledge of supplementation and the human body that comes from almost a decade of lifting weights, conversing and repping on the forums, and getting my bachelors and now masters in human biology. In the past I posted everyday for LG Sciences and also MAN Sports where I learned the ropes and met a lot of the forum members not only here on AM, but on other large bodybuilding forums. I have always been a big supporter of green mag, and more recently the protein additions of Gold Feast a few years ago and now PROnom. This is a great opportunity for the one chosen as controlled labs is one of the few companies truly liked by all. Good luck with the search and to the other applicants.

  9. So far, I think sean and diabeticliftr would serve you very well!

  10. Subbed for Sean the CL rep....

  11. Tank, DiabeticLiftr would be an extremely good choice. He has represented other companies very well in the past, he knows the science behind the CL products, and he is intelligent so he will represent you well.

  12. my vote goes for diabetic dude!

  13. Another vote for DiabeticLifter.

  14. Great opportunity guys. CL is a great company.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  15. some good apps so far. will make a decision next week if anyone else still wants to apply

  16. Sean should be at the top of the list. Nobody here works harder (and provides video of the effort), logs more comprehensively, and has the integrity to promote CL like Sean does.

    He's an actual, real world competitor, so your opportunity to reach a new customer base through him would be greatly enhanced. Additional exposure isn't a bad thing here.

    Sean FTW.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
    ^^^ top notch member here. Solid logger, time after time offers great advice, and from what I have observed frequently uses CL products. (If you get picked Sean I want my cut of free samples lol :P )
    Going to agree here as well.

    Cool opp guys

  18. I throw my name in the hat too.

    I am a 24 years old wannabe-powerlifter from Europe. I've been on this board for years and I'm active on many other popular boards too.

    I have used various CL products since 2010... GlycerGrow, Black Hole, White Blood and White Flood (original versions), Purple Wraath, Orange Triad, Blue Growth, Green Magnitude and Green Bulge, to mention few.. Haven't tried all of CL's products but pretty many of them. Wouldn't have spent my money on all of those bottles if I wasn't satisfied with them, lol!

    I like the fact that CL covers pretty much all the basic needs of a gym enthusiast: they have vitamins, protein powders, pre- and intra workout drinks, creatine products, meal replacements, fat burners and few more exotic products to those who feel that basic supplements are not enough anymore.

    Few words about my training history.. I have been training for years and I lately started to work with a powerlifting coach... My training was more geared towards bodybuilding before but after I realized I gain strength easier than muscle mass, I decided that I want to do damage in raw -182lbs weight class in powerlifting this year. I like to share my experience with other people but I am still open to learn more! Btw here is a vid of me pulling 5x451lbs @ 172lbs without belt few weeks ago:

    I have pretty good knowledge about supplements and nutrition. I don't waste my time and money to products with bad ingredient profile and I don't advice others to do so either. Food is the key to gaining strength and mass but there is always room for supplements that work.

  19. I'll throw an app in. I'm 35 have about 18 years of lifting experience along with being a certified trainer. I have worked in the industry for the last 5 years for, Gaspari, Allmax, And Finaflex. I have a vast knowledge of products and follow the industry with a great passion. Any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks

  20. Great opportunity guys. Trust me I know
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  21. Get in on this guys.

  22. This is an amazing opportunity! Yes I would be interested. I'm 33, and have been lifting and using supplements since I was 22. I'm 6'1" 200lbs and a physique comp is in the near future. Controlled labs is a great company with a wide variety products for all levels of fitness/lifting. I've used many of your products, green mag, white flood, orange triad, purple wraath, etc. quality products. I actually just bought a tub of Glycer Grow to run with my Xgels. I love fitness in all aspects and discussing it with anyone. Educating them on areas they don't know as well and learning from others is what is fun about being a rep. I was a rep for MAN Sports and it was one of the best experiences I've had on the forums. You meet great people, follow some amazing logs and promote a quality company. I'm on AM and other forums daily discussing and learning as much as possible to make myself and others more knowledgable in all areas, supplementation, diet, training, etc. Thanks again for opportunity to throw in an app and best of luck to everyone else.

  23. Male: 25 years old Education: B.S. Kinesiology May 12' Former NCAA II track athlete heptathlon/decathlon Natural bodybuilder I am newer to AM but having fun reading and sharing knowledge! Controlled labs is one of my favorite companies. I took Orange Triad religiously through college and now. I recommend to all my friends/clients and anybody who asks me advice about supplements. I have also tried and enjoyed Oximega fish oil (no burping!), Blue Gene (recovery & hardness!), Glycergrow (huge pumps & endurance!), White Flood V1/V2 (great pumps, focus, & energy!), and Purple Wrath (great endurance, recovery, & muscle sparing!). Facebook has a large following. Instagram is quickly starting to grow! @Rustyfarris_fitness I am in contest prep mode now. I started at 225 and sitting at 215 at the moment. I am competing in the NPC Southern Indiana Classic March 15th and the NPC Natural Indiana April 12th as a light heavyweight. Thanks for your time!
    Attached Images Attached Images m
  24. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar

    Opportunity of a lifetime.
    one of my favorite brands ever as i have over 30 bottles of OT/Oxi-omega on my stash currently
    Good luck everyone.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  25. First and foremost I would like to say personally you nailed the pronom flavors. Both my wife and daughter agree. Daughter wants more "weird chocolate milk" Secondly my wife loves red acid.
    Thirdly I use OT and have been for 2 years,and your greens powder.
    I also use purple wrath,loved the green magnitude. White flood og was awesome. I haven't tried the new one.

    I would love to rep for you guys. Especally after this cut no more phs for me for a year. Ill be going back to good ol steakadrol.

    Gives me a chance to try more of your prodicts and rep a company I have been using for years.

    I should note I am most active on AM.
    Online community manager/lead rep of Chaos and Pain,LLC and Fundamental Nutrition.Check us out! Follow me on instagram:@pyrobatt


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