SNS Glycophase

About the Product

GlycoPhase Highlights:
• Help Get Leaner Without Stimulant Based Fat Loss Products*
• Help Improve Muscle Fullness, Vascularity, and Long Lasting Pumps*
• Help Manipulate Carbs to Work For You, Not Against You*
• Help Promote an Anabolic Environment*
• Help Promote Optimal Nutrient Absorption*
• Maximize Muscle Glycogen Storage in Order to Minimize Fat Storage*
• Help Promote Amino Acid & Protein Synthesis – The Keys to Muscle Growth and Recovery!*
• Help Use Body-Fat for Fuel (Energy) More Efficiently*
• All Natural Formula!*

What are Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA’s)?
Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA’s) are a class of supplements that enhance nutrient uptake to cells by increasing the efficiency of insulin. They can help make you more ‘insulin sensitive’, thereby helping maintain stable blood glucose levels resulting in more efficient use of body-fat and carbohydrates as a fuel source. They work with the body to optimize the response to naturally produced insulin and in doing so can help contribute to a more muscular, leaner physique.
This is where GlycoPhase comes into play. GlycoPhase’s cutting edge nutrient partitioning matrix doesn’t just help it stand out, it helps it stand alone!


For optimal results it states to take like most GDA’s, which is 15 minutes prior to a carb heavy meal. If you were going to intake 100+G of carbs or use fot a cheat meal you could take 2 tabs prior to that meal. Again its best to spread these out since the half life on GDA’s are up to 4-6 hours so dosing between 4-8 hours apart would be ideal.

For me I use them for my last meal usually depending on schedule (which is 150g of carbs) prior to bed. I usually don’t use a GDA post-workout (not really a good time to use) and my first meal of the day is P+F oriented (Following a Biorythm type diet)


The Inclusion of the L-Norvaline would make this a great pre-workout hit for those that eat carbs prior to their workouts or utilize intra-workout carb beverages to help aid in the pump during their workouts, which would also stack well with pre-workout nitrates.

Seeing I do not utilize more than 1-2 caps a day depending on schedule (if I train early my PWO meal is a P+F meal) so I will utilize 1 cap in the mid afternoon and 1 cap pre-bed with my larger carb meals (around 150-250g of carbs) in those meals to help utilize this as a GDA.


I have seen a 60 cap bottle go for around 17-25$ online depending on source. Overall it’s a very cost effective GDA, this has got a lot of rave compared to Slin-Sane, Burn 24, and Anabolic Pump being other leading products on the market in this category.


Overall, I am satisfied after a few uses. Hard to tell how effective the product truly is when you are shooting down 3200-3300 kcals a day and over 400+g of carbs. Overall I get no bloat even on these many carbs, the product seems to be doing its job, and I do not really notice the Norvaline much as stated I don’t consume carbs pre-workout, so if I did this may be better to gauge on a workout, I am mostly taking these later in the day or not around my workout (I avoid again PWO doses of GDA’s). Overall the cost alone is a good factor to consider this product and SNS has its brand name speak for itself as a great company that produces well selling products.

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Glycophase (60 Capsules)