LiGHts Out Needs More Reviews - GTFIH!!!!

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    I'm currently using REM PM by MAN. It's actually a pretty good product however it doesn't seem to be working as well as it did when I first began using it. Other than melatonin and valerian root it's the only sleep aid I have used. I frequently battle imsomonia. I would love to try another product for comparison.
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    I am in on this...I have tried alot of sleep supplements. The most recent was AL Oneiromancer that I got off NP. Its ok for puts you into deep sleep..but you wake up with a small hangover like feeling. I still have 3/4 of the I am sure it because of the Melatonin. I want better sleep..I have a busy life with clinical rotations and then gym in the night and then GF and family. My workouts are also long and recovery and sleep are the most important factor in my life for growth.
    Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    I would be happy to give your product a review. I have tried several different sleep aid supplements and believe I could give you some honest feed back on yours. I've used 3z, lipotrophin(sp?), melatonin, ZmA and possibly a few others just can't remember right now. I get a little graughy when waking, I get about 6 hours sleep and wake up at least once every night. Lately I've managed to sleep throughout because of the current, lipotrophin by appnut, helping me.

    Thanks and hope I am one of the chosen.

    If you don't pick me ill understand however Notre Dame better win so I'm not double disappointed. Hahahahaha have a good one
    Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Profile on this,looks strong. Would be interested in trying this out.
    winners! Please PM me!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    winners! Please PM me!
    Congrats guys! Enjoy!

  3. congrats to the winners, interested to see what everyone thinks

  4. VaughnTrue - I tried to PM you- your box is full.

  5. I need this so badly! I've been looking for something to help me sleep. My dorm rooms don't have ac. That, plus the fact that college is stressing me out is really hampering my sleep quality! I would review this product in a heart beat!

  6. I also workout 6 days a week at 630 am with my bodybuilding club and my recovery has been lacking due to lack of sleep

  7. Winners have already been selected.

  8. I do love me some Lights Out! Had me some crazy dreams

  9. Inbox is full

  10. EVERYONE.. vaughn gets busy on the weekends.. hes a father

    On monday, im sure he will see this and clear PMs immediately. If not, ill tell him to


  11. PM box is now empty!!!!

  12. Thanks a lot can't wait to try it.

  13. the onlu thing why I need better sleep is that I can't sleep well. I need some extra time to recover and 6 hours are definitely not enough

  14. PM sent- waiting for some good nights..

  15. Post up when you get product guys!! Looking forward to the feedback. Make sure you post links to your logs in here when ready!


  16. Got it... Gonna get it going soon.

  17. I just got mine a few minutes ago. I will try it tonight and report the results tommorrow.

  18. still waiting for mine!!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    I just got mine a few minutes ago. I will try it tonight and report the results tommorrow.
    in for results, wish i had lights out last night, couldn't sleep for the life of me

  20. I only took one tab last night, the insutructions say to use 1-2. I wanted to start out slowly to check tolerance. I don't want to wake-up groggy. At one tab I really didn't notice any difference. I usually go to sleep without any problems but when I wake up to go to the bathroom I often have trouble going back to sleep. I will try two tabs tonight and see how things go.

  21. Forgot last night.... Going to start tonight.

  22. Lets get links to logs up in here guys!!

  23. I tried two tabs last night, I slept pretty well all night. I will continue with two tabs for a couple more days. I may try three on the weekend just to see how I respond.

  24. Started review log... Ill link little later. Kinda in a hurry for work.

  25. Do love me some Lights Out! I had some crazy awesome dreams on the stuff!

  26. This will be my first night!!!

  27. I've been playing with doses and timing trying to get a handle on this stuff. For me it's been difficult to evaluate.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    I've been playing with doses and timing trying to get a handle on this stuff. For me it's been difficult to evaluate.
    I agree... Some days not much other days good, kinda hit or miss


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