Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter giveaway

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  1. got mine...doing jury duty rest of the week so no work tonight!!!! so i decided to mix up some pump igniter/bcaa hyperblend/cardio igniter.....

    oh yeah, i put a full scoop of pump igniter, half a sample pack each of cardio igniter and bcaa hyperblend in my mixer cup with 16 oz of water. lol, taste was funky, grape/pink lemonade/blue raspberry is kind of a weird combo!!!! got past the taste and effects were very nice...kroger finally got bronkaid back in stock so i have been on the ec 3xday for about a week...really wasn't expecting much as far as energy goes, but it surprised me, by the time i got to gym i was revved up. the pump was about sa good as i get, much better than when i am only using ec as my pre, much better[can't wait to see what 2 scoops of pump igniter brings to the table]. all in all i was impressed...once i got past the taste, lol.

    damned good workout!!!

  2. 2 scoops of pump igniter was very nice. decent energy and great pump.

    taste is very strong, had to add more water. but aside from taste, very effective preworkout.

    going to try a full pack of cardio igniter tomorrow-[2 servings].

  3. Got my delivery yesterday... first crack at it monday morning. Debating on whether to take it with Astravar 2.0 or not. I wanna give it a genuine assessment before adding Astravar.

  4. Where do you want us to post reviews? I can't seem to find this product in the supp reviews section?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions - Revolutionizing sports nutrition, one product at a time
    db77@seriousnutritionsolutions . com

  5. Ok maybe I didn't qualify or something but I seen where you said everyone above this post pm you and you would send a tub out I was the first one to post and I sent info twice and never received a notice or anything to confirm if I was in or not

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, this is awesome, and apologies JoshuaJ1313. If PM was received the address was added so not sure what went on there. Will follow up tomorrow with the shipping department.

  7. It's ok I even sent messages on Facebook to find out about it. It's ok though I will just wait till the next go round

  8. Starting mine today
    TSN Pump Igniter mini log/review
    FOCUSED Nutrition Lead Rep

  9. Looking forward to giving this a shot. Also VitaT. Love your line. Very underrated IMO. Good luck.

  10. still waiting for mine


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