Athletic Xtreme Mass FX Black Loggers Needed!

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  1. Link these logs in here please
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    I'll link them when they are live.
    msg-ed everyone but these ship today.

    I'll be posting up a sample opportunity for supersize and stacked bcaa's.
    it'll be from my tub, since the flavor profile has been altered recently.
    stacked is new though and no samples have been made yet, so they'll be from my tub.
    glad to hear the fx black is shipping today-hooooraaaaah.

    very generous of you to offer samples from your personal stash, props!!!
  3. Performax Labs Product Specialist


  4. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    subbed...get that foot healed up!!!

  5. I Would Like To Try This Product
    Thank You Very Much!

  6. log is up


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