We know you Hemavol, but do you COMPETE?10 loggers of both needed

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  1. We know you Hemavol, but do you COMPETE?10 loggers of both needed

    iForce Nutrition is going all out! We need 10, yes TEN
    loggers to
    review the ULTIMATE pre-workout + intra-workout stack, Hemavol and Compete!


    Simply take a look at Compete's ingredient profile above. Tell us why one ingredientmakes you excited to get to try this great product!

    Contest Rules and Guidelines

    1. 18+
    2. Continental USA only
    3. Must agree to give us 3 weekly updates(minimum)
    4. Updates must include information on your pump, endurance, rest between sets, flavor, recovery, DOM's, and 1 final review at the completion of the log.
    5. Must agree that all information used in the log may be re-posted/re-used at iForce Nutrition's discretion
    6. Log will be placed in the "Sponsored Supplement Logs" section, and you will post a link to your log in this thread.
    7. Logs must be started no later than 48 hours after receiving your products(both Hemavol and Compete).
    8. Products must be dosed as follows: 30 minutes preworkout, 1 scoop Hemavol + 1 scoop Compete on an empty stomach(no food for 90-120 minutes prior). Then an additional 1 scoop Compete to be sipped on during your workout.
    9. You will provide us with your full name, email, shipping address, and preferred flavors so we may accommodation you as quickly as possible!



    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  2. Awesome good opp guys!

  3. Citrulline Malate!!! Looking for that mental clarity for some sick mind muscle connection along with hemavol for crazy pump . Excited for endurance for those long back and leg thrashing days .

  4. 10 LOGGERS? Holy cow! This is gonna make a lot of people happy!

  5. One ingredient? Ha how about all of them and not to mention the reviews that Hemavol gets!!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  6. I have always heard & read great things about both Hemavol & Compete, but have yet to try either. This would be the perfect opportunity to do so! Agmatine & Citrulline Malate have definitely been my go-to ingredients for pump, but with the added glycerol in Hemavol, my biceps might explode! Great promo iForce!

  7. this is awesome. i want in!

  8. really? I figured we'd have at least 20 entries by now!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  9. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    really? I figured we'd have at least 20 entries by now!
    That's ok better chance for us
    Life's a garden, dig it

  10. Vaughn let's double the product for 10 people then lol

  11. Looking at Compete's profile, the Vinpocetine is the standout ingredient for me. Focus during my training sessions and the psychological advantage that nootropics can provide is of paramount importance. I've never used an intraworkout consistently, would love to give Compete an honest log.

  12. Whey hydrolasate excites me. At 2.5 grams its usually not something you see in something like this. I have been looking for something new to try, and this would be sweet if I could. Freaking awesome. I have tried a few I-force nutrition products but never these. Would be freaking stoked to try them. I would be willing to log it. And do everything required of me to get these products.
    The fight is won long before you step out into those lights, its won through all the hard work in the gym ,through all those miles ran-Ali

  13. I remember drinking my first can of VPX Redline years ago and thinking someone had liquified crack cocaine and put it in a can! Looking at the ingredient profile I saw vinpocetine and evodiamine as the only unfamiliar ingredients to me and figured they were responsible for the increased focus and energy. That's why the vinpocetine in Compete intrigues me!

  14. Choose one ingredient?? That's like asking to choose between deads, squats, and lunges.

    I guess it would have to be the agmatine, but the interaction between the agmatine, cit mal, and gms seems like a recipe for a monster pump. Not to mention that they're all properly dosed. Awesome.

  15. A lot of interesting ingredients!but to keep it simple I love the dose of citrulline malate in this.A great ingredient to help with endurance and intensity for sure!
    mack @ seriousnutritionsolutions.com
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  16. Compete is a great product. I have the lemon, fruit punch and tangerine flavors, and they all taste great.

  17. Vaughn,

    I would definitely be up for this if given a chance. I have yet to try Compete (other than the sample you gave me at the Olympia) on a regular basis and well, Hemavol is just the standard by which all non-stim pwo's are compared.

    The ingredient in Compete that interests me the most is Rhodiola Rosea. I have found Rhodiola to be very good at improving endurance and just making me feel good. I can see where both qualities would be great in this type of supplement.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am rehabbing after shoulder surgery so upper body lifting is limited at the moment. I do still lift 3-4 times per week though.

  18. Bump for more apps.

  19. Grats guys! Loved hemavol, never had compete
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  20. Compete certainly has my attention
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  21. Quote Originally Posted by howwedo107 View Post
    Compete certainly has my attention
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  22. Nice,email sent!
    mack @ seriousnutritionsolutions.com
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  23. My workout are 2 hours long. I have alway used Citrulline Malate to provide mental focus, especially at the end of the workout, when your bodys shaking and you feel like puking. I have used samples of hemavol, it great, my biceps and triceps engorged with blood and felt awesome.

  24. Email sent. Thanks Vaughn!!!

  25. If you put in an app Reggie, then you won!


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